Music "Bio" request

It would be great, especially for classical and jazz, to have background and history on a piece. The composer bios are great and the reviews about recordings are interesting, sometimes weird ( criticizing Jack Johnson for being laid back). It would be great to get the history of of Take the A Train as an example.


You might like this book

Maybe Roon can license the content!

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Great idea. I think I have seen something like that for a classical piece I was listening to recently. Will dig it out and check. The trouble is though, as with current bios on artists and album reviews, results are likely to be very patchy (and as you say, sometimes weird too). Though they should be dealing more in facts than opinions, so certainly less annoying potentially.

What I have requested in earnest is the ability to edit bios and reviews. That way one can personalise completely the writeups for artists and albums.

The potential to develop in this regard is boundless…ultimately it could lead to sharing our own texts, developing an incredible social aspect which is already prevalent within this forum.

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