Music in Russian: Any recommendations?

I have begun to learn Russian and I would like to keep things more interesting - and for me, this always includes music …
So can anybody recommend some music with lyrics in Russian? I am rather open style-wise: Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Post-Rock, Country, or whatever the Russian equivalent to these styles may be.
Thanks in advance everyone!

If classical/choral is in the mix, I’d go with the Alexander Nevsky soundtrack by Prokofiev.

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Yes, classical is certainly an option, I was just afraid that the language might be too far from what is being spoken now.
But I will give it a listen. Thanks!

Why don’t you give Kate NV a try? She sings in both Russian and English, her music is considered “alternative”, “avant garde”. I have the Room For The Moon album which I digitally purchased on Bandcamp.
Kate NV - Wikipedia

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That’s really interesting music, thanks!
Qobuz has some of her albums and I will give her a more thorough listen in the next few days.
The only thing is: I was hoping for more lyrics in Russian while she seems to be orientated really internationally.

Then there is KAUAN from Kiev Ukraine…



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Alla Pugacheva

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Thanks everybody!
This gives me quite a lot to listen to!
Especially Alla Pulgacheva is a Good starting point for me, because she sings a lot of text and does so in a rather clearly understandable way.
From her as a starting point, Roon then proposed Zhanna Aguzarova, which I quite like as well.

I would recommend russian artrock superstar Zemfira.

Thanks for this suggestion!
I just watched the video for Остин on YouTube - fascinating stuff!

These are absolute must listen:

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This! :point_up_2:
You should start with Kino (Кино), Agatha Kristie (Агата Кристи) and Bi-2 (Би-2)

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This also very good.

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… and Night Snipers - worth of listening due to quality lirycs… and music

Thanks very much!
It is a bit early for me to understand quality lyrics since I am just beginning to learn the language.
But it is definitely a goal that I can try to reach :slight_smile: