Music Library on Micro SD card

Hi, newbie here, apologies if this is a repeat question but I did try to search the forum first with no results. Is it possible to put my library on a micro sd card (512 Gb) inserted in my NUC 6i5?
Thanks in advance.

No, you cannot use the micro SD card slot in the NUC. Rock will not recognize it.
However, you can use a Micro SD card in a card reader, it essentially turns the SD card into a thumb drive. I just tested it and it works.

I used one of these:


Many thanks, much appreciated.

I don´t think that it is advisable to use a Micro SD card as storage for the music library.
See e.g.

Keep backups, that works.

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Besides reliability and data security speed might be an issue. At least for large libraries a ssd disc will be favorable (but not a ssd disc connected via USB 2.0!).

Roon recommends M.2 SSD (that is faster than esata SSD), see

Response is pretty much instantaneous on my system with about 1500 albums on Micro SD. Yes not as fast by measurement but hardly worth fussing about if Micro SD is a more convenient option.

That Roon recommendation for an M.2 SSD is to do with maximising the performance of the Roon database, not music storage.


I thought “library” meant “Roon database”, and my advice was to put the “Roon database” on a better and faster storage than Micro SD.

Thanks to everyone who offered advice. Decided to go for an m2 SSD on an external enclosure via USB.

The added advantage of having an external USB drive is that you can also use it to hold your scheduled backups. Just make sure that the Backups folder is separate from (and not within) the Watched Folder holding your music files.

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