Music on the go - just putting it out there… (iPods)

Music on the go - just putting it out there…


Now I will have to drag out my daughter’s old iPod and charge it up.
Gawd only knows what music is on it, be worth it for the voyage of discovery!


I showed my kids my ipod like this and watched them struggle.
Then I played an hour of that brick away game.


Stick an ssd in it and it’s even better!

You should give them a rubix cube next!

That’s an old one , mines old , at least 10 years at a guess, but newer than that. They last forever , until the HDD gives . You can no longer get replacements alas

My older one like yours just “grinds”

I must have worked it too hard :sunglasses:

They will take an ssd or memory card and last another ten years.

For info, plenty more.

This is Africa can you make SSD’s from old tyres ?

I was told it was unmendable , no offer of an SSD :weary:

I’ve still got it in a drawer somewhere , maybe …

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Strange to see this thread. I just sent my iPod Classic out for the ssd upgrade. They are going to put in an ssd and a new battery at the same time. (For folks in Africa or wherever, it is something you might be able to do yourself, but the iPods are purposely designed to be hard to open. There are people who advertise the service on places like EBay. My 120G Classic is getting a 128G ssd and new battery for about $100. The parts to do it yourself, battery included, are about $60.)

Why would anyone need an iPod given that we have streaming everything services and gigabyte storage on our phones? For me, it is analogous to having a Roon library and also having Tidal/Qobuz, etc. The iPod is a single stable repository for files, while streaming takes care of the new. I routinely use(d) the iPod in the car for long trips to listen to audiobooks or for some of my more arcane playlists. And unlike streaming services it never had dropouts or ate up power on my phone. Now that the pandemic is waning and we can travel, that’s what it’ll be used for again.

As the Firesign Theater said, “Forward unto the past!”


I just use my Hiby R5 DAP works brilliantly does hires , streaming and local playback. No need for Roon mobile UAPP does what I need.


Kids - you remind me. I showed my kids an audio cassette and explained to them what we had to do to play one song from Side A and another in the middle of Side B. Their jaws dropped to the floor.