Music request: Jazz and Coffee (Tidal Playlist)

I have a playlist called Jazz and Coffee, I love that combination! I would love to get some new inspiration, I am intentionally leaving this request open-ended, but you can consider the scene of a relaxing morning, reading a newspaper or book, sitting with friends and family (or alone)…

A tidal playlist would be best but if you’re not on Tidal, you can list out songs.


Oddly enough, I posted on this very subject this morning:


@joel I’d love to see a playlist of your go to coffee jazz songs!

Between you and me (and the rest of the Internet) @RobOK, I’m still discovering this stuff too :wink: .


Spotify and Qobuz have very nice « coffee and jazz » and smooth jazz … playlists if you are a subscriber of any (or choose the trial period), add as many playlists as you want. You can then import them in Tidal using Soundiz paid version (5$).

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And try the « Hyggelig Jazz « playlist on Tidal (although overwhelming 8 hours) and the Late Night Jazz (I really like this one).

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@Julio we are on the same wavelength… my Coffee and Jazz list started on Spotify and came over via Soudiz (paid) (and then I have added to it) and I do have Late Night Jazz in my fav’s already!

I thought maybe others would have similar playlists here… we’ll see if some pop up!

I can’t find this can you post a link?

Any other playlists recommendations out there?


My bad. It’s on Spotify:

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Thanks! Don’t tell anyone but I’m listening to it from Spotify to Sonos without Roon until I can convert it to Tidal later! :sunglasses:

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Omar Sosa - Calma. Perfect Sunday morning fare, coffee or tea, your choice

If you like that try some of the stuff he’s done with Paulo Fresu, like Alma


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Thanks for the recommendation, have been enjoying!

A pleasure.

There’s also this Tiny Desk concert of Fresu and Sosa playing together; absolutely sublime. And yes that is Omar’s hair!


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Enjoying this very much at the moment. Puts me in a morning coffee mood: