Music/Song Rating System in Roon?

Hi! Please forgive my ignorance, but is there a way to Rate Songs/Albums in Roon, besides just clicking the “Heart” button?

I switched over from iTunes a few months ago and I used to rate my songs by STARS.
Then use SMART Playlists. So I’ve have my 5 Star Playlist, 4 Star Playlist, 3 Star Playlist and 4&5 Star Playlist, 3, 4, & 5 Star Playlist. This way I could listen to my top favorite songs, but then listen to more songs that I liked, but didn’t want to hear maybe all the time. I really enjoyed the system, and trying to find a way to do the same with Roon, without having do the work of adding songs to playlists over and over again as I get new music. I would just have to rate a song once and Smart Playlists did all the rest of the work for me automatically. As I would listen to new songs, I’d rate the song and it was a nice workflow. If my option/rating on a song changed over time, I’d click a new Star rating and the song would move to other SMART Playlist automatically.

Alternatively, is there a way to import Playlists from iTunes to Roon? I guess that could be a some kind of work around?

Thanks in advance for the help. Love being part of the community and I’m enjoying meeting others here and learning more!

Yes, there is a star rating system, but only at the album level. Go to the album page and next to the review (when present) there is a star rating. You can add your ratings here. The album needs to be added to your library to rate.

You can sort albums (Library > Albums view) according to star rating using the Focus feature. Once you have created a view you can bookmark this so the view is just a couple of clicks away. This will update as new albums are added or the ratings change.

Currently, you can’t rate/ sort songs in this way.

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Hey, thanks Martin! Here’s to hoping we can rate at the song level in the future!


I use tags like “5 stars” for song ratings.