Music started up on a different node after turning off the chosen output

I’m not really sure where to put this question. So apologies if this is the wrong spot. Last night I was listening to music as I went to sleep. I’d set a sleep timer in Roon on my ipad connected to Topping DX3 Pro, but something too noisy came on and I switched off the DAC and speakers. I was later woken at 3:30am by music playing in my living room. Looking through my history, it seems the music never stopped played but at some point switched from the iPad in my bedroom to my Pi endpoint in the lounge room. Is that expected behaviour? I’m not sure it was loud enough to annoy the neighbours, but it was loud enough to wake me up. Is that a pilot issue or a Roon issue? What do I need to learn, please?
Thank you.

Autocorrect of Pi?

I meant was it something I did. Saying was is the problem in the engine or the cockpit, meaning mechanical or pilot error.

Ah ok.
Sounds really weird to be honest, not sure how a transfer would work that way.
I’d start a new thread in support as they may be able to see things in the roon logs.

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