My Albums Page - Album Cover Size Not Consistent (too small)


I am really impressed and happy with the direction that Roon has taken this year, introducing many new and useful features, including ARC, which takes the platform to a new level.

However, I just noticed that when viewing the “My Albums” page (and the “Artists” page as well) on my iMac (Core), the size of the album cover artwork is considerably smaller (12 across). I am not sure when this change was made, but I find it more difficult to view than before. The “New Releases For You” page still has the previous size album covers (8 across), which I find easier to view, especially on a large screen of 24 inches or larger.

Interestingly, on my Windows 10 laptop, running the same build, I am seeing six large album covers across the “My Albums” page. How do you explain that?

Anyone else seeing this change and or behavior?

I am running the latest Roon Core Build 1182 on macOS Monterey 12.5.1.

Thanks, Phil

Did you check if the setting is the same on both? Roon > Settings > General > Allow for more album covers (or similar)

Apart from that it depends on the screen resolution AFAICT

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I appreciate your quick response. Wow, I did make that change recently on my iMac thinking that it would just show more artist art work.

Thanks again, I appreciate your help!


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