My CD collection has been Rooned

We just had a yard sale in our community. Now that I’m a lifetime Roon listener, I thought it would be good to get rid of my CD collection.

I had the good fortune to get rid of about 20 discs… out of over 1000! I have 12 large boxes still underfoot. I need them gone from the house.

What to do?

I have no music stores anywhere near here. My local library does not seem interested in them. I certainly wouldn’t want to sell them 1x1. (Not to mention the issue with licensing.)

Do I really pitch them in the dumpster? That seems like such a waste, and puts plastic in the landfill. Can’t see dragging them around with me for life.

Any reasonable ideas of what to with them?

I would sell them on eBay and Craigs List. Licensing is not a problem if you bought them. Otherwise, you could take them to Goodwill. If they are not legal purchases, I would destroy them. Again, if they are legal purchases and you don’t want to fool with selling them, put them on Craig’s List for free. Someone will want them. Who wouldn’t want 1000 CD’s for free.

Somebody with more info may want to weigh in, but your possession of the media verifies the licensing. The whole transfer of the data to computer file is considered copying. I seriously doubt anyone is going to bother individual collectors with computer backups solely for their own use… the whole copyright infringement thing makes me cringe.

This excerpt is from a digital copying service I’ve used:

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You can’t legally sell the disc if you keep the digital files on your computer. Bottom line, two people can’t possess and use music that only one person paid for. If that’s the case and you don’t want the disc, you need to destroy them or keep them. You can put them in your will when your digital copies are destroyed.

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While ownership of a CD may be transferred, if you sell them or give them away you no longer have rights to use the digital copy. For this reason I keep all my CDs.

You could reduce space by getting rid of the jewel cases and use a couple of CD binders.


Or just put the CD’s in boxes without the cases. Use felt tip pen to mark what they are and maybe separate with paper. You could probably get down from 12 boxes to 3 or 4 (heavy) boxes. Consider them as backups.

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Thanks, all. I understand about the licensing issues.

I like the suggestions of removing the jewel cases and keeping the discs. That would reduce the footprint in the house.

If you decide to do this, store them at a relatives house in case you ever have a fire.

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Is there a better place to put jewel cases rather than in the landfill?

Cases don’t seem to be the type of plastic that can be recycled. Am I wrong?

Consider keeping the booklet too …

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What if the relative’s house catches fire? :wink: Not a bad idea to have an offsite or cloud copy though.

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I assume he has them on some sort of hard drive or NAS. How many backups does one need for music?

Take them to Goodwill. People always need CD cases.

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Good idea on cases to Goodwill.

Keeping the paper isn’t high on my list. If the real issue is proving the rights by having a physical copy, then that’s all I need keep.

I’m beginning to see a downside to technology. :crazy_face:

As for backups, I have several. All except for my active SSD are in high-rated fire safes, both here and off-site.

I have several hard drive backups, a copy on my NAS, a SSD RAID backup, plus a DROPBOX cloud backup (not to mention icloud backup, and the media).

I have some (out-of print) valuable MFSL, SACDs and DVD-Audio media I would never be able to replace.

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Agreed. Some portion of my stuff came from my late father and late sister’s collection. Can’t replace that.

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In the U.K. we have companies that will buy CDs like MusicMagpie and Ziffit. Is there an equivalent where you are?

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Rob, put an ad on Craigslist. There are plenty people like me that are still buying them in large lots to add to my ROON collection. Typically prices are 50 cents to a dollar each if you want to get rid of them, or a lump sum for everything. If you are in Southern California…I’m interested in Jazz, Blues, etc.

+1 for Music Magpie.
Unfortunately, they now pay pennies for CD’s, but the physical space ‘back’ is welcome.
Although I do take onboard what has been said about licensing/ownership of music, and the need to retain the CD.

Keep them, if you loose your data you wont loose your music.

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