My first DIY totally fanless Roon Music Server

(Maurizio Iosa) #21

Thank you Geoff and Nyquist, very interesting considerationsā€¦ my actual needs are very basic but I guess you get hungry eating.,., :slight_smile:
I dindā€™t know at all about laptop and desktop processorsā€¦ I guess the celeron is a laptop processorā€¦

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Good morning! As USB external storage to accomodate my library (actually 250 Gb) but I was thinking about 1-2 Tb, do you have any suggestion?


I use these LaCie drives and have had no problems, there are 1tb and 2tb versions which use 2.5 inch drives the 3tb> uses 3.5 inch.

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thank you!
Not being a SSD, would it add noise to the overall system? or it does not matter? I can use an HD (rather than a more expensive ssd) as external repository?

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Another question: is it better locate the audio repository in an external disk (leaving the internal HD dedicated just to the Core function, so a 16Gb would do the job) or locate the repository directly in the internal disk (so in this case I would buy a 500Gb SSD)?
In simple tarms I guess the internal disk is a better solution, being the connection SATA and not via USB, it should also reduce the noiseā€¦ I am not sure regarding the heat produced in the coreā€¦
Any idea, suggestion?

(Peter Lie) #26

Internal, unless your Core machine does not have enough physical space for a SSD for Roon database + HDD for music. If your music library is small enough to fit in a SSD, then just an internal SSD will be fine (Edit: For Windows Roon, not for ROCK).

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So better buy a a 1T SSD and have all on it (for 799ā‚¬) rather than a 16Gb SSD (for only 34ā‚¬) and get an external disk?
I dinā€™t think I will ever exceed a 996 Gb Library in the next 10 yearsā€¦ (my actual library is only 50 Gbā€¦)

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I was thinking to buy this for my server
I heard stories about SSD reducing performances when getting full but I guess it is just a legendā€¦
Thank you for your help, really a great community!


Ssd drives only produce heat when they have to work hard. Reading music from disk, even multiple highres streams is not exactly hard work so it will stay very cool. 2.5 inch drive are not very noisy, specially if you take some precautions regarding mechanical decoupling from your case.

SSDā€™s have a limited write capabilty per memory cell of around thousand times. Thatā€™s the reason why they are contolled internally to spread the write actions as much as possible. When your disc is becoming full there is not much space left to shift the write actions around. Modern disc are activly moving data that is mor or less permanent so that the cells they occopy are becoming available for more write actions. This is all done automatically and I would not worry about. Good practice is to keep at least 25% free space on system disc wich require lots of write actions. This way it will last for 10+ years on average use. I would just get a 128gb system disc and be done with it. They are pretty cheap.

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Thank you Nyquist,
what about mSATA SSD are they reliable?
If they are I think with a 250 Gb I am done for the next 5 yearsā€¦ :slight_smile:


Pretty much the same reliabilty as sata discs, donā€™t worry. If 256gb is enough for the next 5 years I would certainly not spend anymore then that. You can always add another sata disc when they become cheaper or you find one on sale.

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Thank you I have seen that Samsung evo 850 is even cheeperā€¦ I can even think about 1 Tb!

(Mr Fix It ) #33

I suggest you get a NUC and use usb external for your music.

For roon core you need the database running on the ssdā€¦for windows and OS X that means the boot driveā€¦maybe for Linux too unless you have some good Linux skills maybe.

A NUC is small, quiet, dedicated to roon and just works. Either way you will need an ssd for the core.

(Daniel Beyer) #34

I just want to make sure that you realize that you will need 2 SSDs if you are going to use ROCK. The first SSD can be a small one, 64 GB, and will ONLY house the ROCK OS. This is because ROCK is programmed that no storage takes place on the OS drive. The 2nd SSD can be whatever size you can afford and will hold your music.

(Mr Fix It ) #35

Well yes you need min of one ssdā€¦for the core, but music does not require an ssd ā€¦spinning disks, on Sata,usb,even NAS are just fine. Unless you donā€™t want any disk noisesā€¦a NUC will still use the fan as and when it needs to unless you build it into a Fanless chassis like Akasa sells and no doubt others.

I have my NUC7i7BNH in a Plato X chassis and itā€™s warm but silent :smiley: only when itā€™s running a full library scan and imports of music and audio analysis do I put a fan blowing over it.

(Maurizio Iosa) #36

I will not install ROCK, just Windows 7 or 10 (which do you suggest?).
Regarding the Internal disk my actual library is 50Gb so with an internal disk of 250Gb I could manage both the core and the music library in term of space.
I have not jet understood what is the best practice in audiophile world between these possible options:

  1. OS: Windows 10, Internal SSD: core in une partition, library in another
  2. OS: Windows 10, Internal SSD: core and library in the same partition
  3. OS: Windows 7, Internal SSD: core in une partition, library in another
  4. OS: Windows 7, Internal SSD: core and library in the same partition
  5. OS: Windows 10, Internal SSD: only core, External disk: library in SSD or HHD
  6. OS: Windows 7, Internal SSD: only core, External disk: library in SSD or HHD

I would suspect the best option is the number 1 but I am not sure, noise, heat perfomance decrease with data on SSD can impact on the final result.
The best solution in my opinion is the simplest and more reliable in time so maybe the option 1 is ok with a big SSD (1 Tb so I am sure I will not fullfill more than 70% of the disk in the next 10 years) otherwise the number 5.

What is the best choice in such terms?

(Geoff Coupe) #37

If youā€™re going with just one SSD, the capacity is sufficient for your music needs, and you are not using ROCK, then personally, my choice would be for option 2. I donā€™t really see the need for user-managed partitions on a drive these days. The KISS rule is what I tend to go for wherever possible.

BTW, you will be adding the possibility to take backups for both your music library and your Roon database, wonā€™t you?

(Maurizio Iosa) #38

Thank you Geoff! I guess KISS means keep it simple and stable? :slight_smile:
Yes sure I have actually most of my music with iMatch on line but I also do backup in external disks so I can bring physically all my music with meā€¦
Sure now with 50Gb it is very easyā€¦

(Mr Fix It ) #39

I too would say option 2 in a windows environmentā€¦but I hate windows and FWIW if this is only to run roon get a NUC and use ROCK with an extra drive for the library - internally or external.

(Geoff Coupe) #40

I donā€™t hate Windows - but I agree that if this is just to run Roon, I would go the NUC + ROCK route. In fact, thatā€™s what Iā€™ve already done.