My first look at roon software today

ok i downloaded core today june 5 , 2020

These are my experience

  1. I need roon audio driver as master volume control.
  2. iPhone physical volume control should control the sound.
  3. Settings icon , min/max button should be always visible right top corner.
  4. Browse and settings should be visible all times.
  5. iPhone should reflect status of core, core should be reflected on iPhone immediately as though I am always operating one device.
  6. iPhone interface should be enlarged in PC so it looks same. No need for two different interface. May be have progressive app as option.
  7. Sample rate control (source sample rate and Roon upsamples sample rate). All other things are not required.

I want Roon to be like audio cockpit for my audio nirvana.

It’s not there in my opinion. Darko guy is mentally challenged. I should not have believed in his nonsense. he is more of salesman. May be he gets commission?

I am ready to pay lifetime for software that make my audio quest simple and easy. I do not care much about organizing. (I know where my files are, no need to search) But I want all in my finger tips.

Roon is fine as one software for all the device people buy but software not upto the standard I am looking for.

I will recheck it later times and check out competitors. Goodluck though.

I wanted to find out what is this Roon Ready software is, I am actually pretty disappointed with user interface.

I posted my comment on youtube, so others know. Every one have different need and preference. I am looking for audio cockpit with ultimate sample rate. 384khz.

I plan to buy a super expensive DAC. so I thought I will look for software that can manage it.

If you find anything better than Roon let us know.


All this with just one day, you will never find what you are looking for unless you build it yourself I think. That’s ok though, here is an opportunity.

A good read of the knowledge base and Roon’s vision may help you gather perspective on what is going on here.
Good luck with your search for the perfect software and we look forward to welcoming you back again.

You have posted expectations, not experience.


This is one of the features that t I requested a couple of times, still nothing heard from Roon.

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How come loads of people are planning to get super expensive things? Do they ever achieve it?

I suspect that the OP’s ‘super expensive’ might differ from many other’s ‘super expensive’.

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I hope you find your holy grail…

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Super expensive DAC. Roon will be first choice.

You’ll be happy to learn that @danny, the COO of RoonLabs, has compiled a helpful list of alternatives to make your quest easier. It’s right here. Please let us know if there’s good stuff missing !


That is succinctly well put. In his support, it appears that he wants something closer to what iTunes offers: simple/direct/limited with no potential to learn more. I am assuming the liner notes, Versions etc (I use only Qobuz) or the seamless integration of one’s library with streaming sources are not important to him.

Roon can be made “complex” if you want to delve into numerous features, but if you want software to organize files (yours and those to which you have subscribed access), Roon has competition that attracts me.

(There is one sentence in there to which I concur and that is not related to Roon but to a messenger).

We celebrated our Roon Anniversary this week. Seems like yesterday. Use Roon daily.

“Expense,” as noted, is relative. Roon is much cheaper than anything else to which I subscribe.

I dont care much about online streamiung sources. They are low quality sound. MQA? why anyone fall for that scam?

As i already said software is not fully ready in my opinion especially user interface, its clunky. Need all at fingertips. All must be accessible in single click

Volume control should be audio driver ( which is not written by roon yet) , App sound control should be physical buttons

At present Roon is completely unusable to my needs. I need fully developed software. IT does have lots of useless features that no one will touch.

Using streaming service means low quality sound. why any audiophile use low quality sound?

Sample rate has to be min 192khz.

My expensive is chord qutest. I am poor. Cant spend more than that.

You really are making friends here. CD quality streaming is not low quality and MQA on my Meridian DSP SE system is the best recorded audio I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

So, yep, I fell for that scam :joy: and I’m loving it.

All this opinion after 2 days with Roon…

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Curious as to what other media software you have looked and whether any came close to your requirements.

The sample rate of an MQA file is always based on that of its source material, so original material at 88.2, 176.4 or 352.8 kHz would be encoded as a 44.1kHz MQA file, whereas material starting out with 96, 192 or 384 kHz sample rates would be encoded as an MQA file at 48kHz.

PSST. Dont say any more.

I posted here so people give me other software choices.

My requirements are.

  1. Remote play of my songs in my pc folders through wifi…and some time to youtube for movies ( no streaming)

  2. Need source sample rate and output sample rate.

  3. More DSP and high quality equalizers like in FX sound software ( this great piece of software if it outputs 192khz. unfortunately its 48khz. i email them to do it).

  4. Software should be like cockpit ( left side menus , left column video info and player , right colum settings. There is absolutely no need to click for settings or playing video or search video. All should be in single screen all time visible.

  5. Audio volume control by pc audio driver and there by physical button on my keyboard and also ophone physical button.

  6. Iphone app and pc software should have near same UI template but in iphone it should be folded. Settings and Player should be in vertical accordian form so you can switch between player and settings seamlessly.

Since Qobuz became available here, half of the 1008 Qobuz albums I have added to my library have been high resolution (88k, 96k or higher).
About 3 % of the Qobuz albums are 192k, 1 % of the total 5,000 albums. But the majority of those are from analog tape recordings (Coltrane, Monk, Dylan…).
None of the 5,000 are below CD quality.


But aside from that observation, you want another product.
Why do you think anybody here is interested?


The file is then unfolded to the original resolution in an MQA DAC

That’s not even the whole story, there are many new MQA releases at 44/24 bit resolution and the sound quality achieved is remarkable. So the bigger number is better philosophy falls to dust in the same way RMS power output of amplifiers has. Big numbers were used to sell to the masses.

So, if you only listen to digitally measured hi res content you are missing out on a vast catalog of music that never was and will never be high resolution in your definition.

Personally, I listen to music and not data rates…

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There’s plenty of Open Source or Freebies out there out there, they all play MP3

Maybe an iTunes clone

Room is clearly not for you so move on , leave us to enjoy the music :rofl:

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I find it clinically interesting that people need to publicly express their discontent when it is simpler to think privately “I do not like this and would not purchase.”

In a group of people content with X-software, you are not going to garner support. Thus, the only reason to post would be to justify your decision and hope to find similarly disappointment people.

Again, it is a bit fascinating. I doubt that I personally could be dissuaded from liking Roon.