My genres not appearing in genre list

I have selected “show genres in file tags” in Roon, but when I go to browse via genres, my genres aren’t shown - only the Roon genres. Is this expected and if so is it possible to have it show my genres also? Thanks!

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Go to settings and select ‘Go to Genre from file tag’. Loads to discover here.

That setting doesn’t appear to be there Chris. You don’t mean “show genres in file tags”, that I mentioned above?

Is this genre by Album or Artist? I can see album Genres after selecting the option but I can’t add Artist Genres.

Same here - either I don’t understand how this is supposed to work, or it’s not working for me.

Can you confirm it’s not this (from the release notes):

Just to be clear, if you have a genre in your tags called Post Bop, and you want it to appear under Jazz, you should find it in under Uncategorized and set the parent genre to Jazz.

Alternatively, if you want albums with the file tag Post Bop to be grouped in with the existing Roon genre Post-Bop (our metadata providers use a dash), you can set that up under Settings > Setup > Genre Mappings.

Once the mapping is set, any albums that have the file tag Post Bop will show up as Post-Bop, even if the album is unidentified. This allows you to map your own genres to the hierarchy Roon uses out of the box.

Does that make sense? It’s extremely flexible, but it requires a little thought about how exactly you want to use genres in Roon.

Have you gone to settings on the Main system and Remote to allow ‘Genres from file tags’?
Just a thought,

Same with me … for more that I search, can´t find the “Genres from file tags”, and if I deselect “Roon genres” nothing appears. Even the “uncategorized” isn´t showing … only the message" we didn´t find any genres in your library".

Vasco Vaz

So you really can’t have Roon just use your tags and not use its own without a lot of finagling :confused:

To be clear, the process is you must go into the Genre mapping dialog and map each and every one of your own Genres to a pre-existing Roon Genre for it to work? Seems pretty labor intensive - and the Genre Mapping dialog’s a bit confusing, because when you go into it for the first time, the “Roon Genre” field is already populated with the value in your own files, so it looks as if the mapping is already complete.

Right? Or am I still missing some step that will make it all fall magically in place the way I want it to? :wink:

I think you’re still missing it, but just a little :smile:

If you turn on Genres From File Tags the genres in your file tags should immediately be visible on:

  • Album details
  • Artist details
  • Genre browser

If the genres in your file tags are already categorized in the Roon genre tree, their position is maintained, so R&B is top level, Soul is beneath it, and so on.

This can be edited if you want a genre to appear somewhere else in the hierarchy. It can also be mapped, if you want to everything with a particular file tag to instead appear as something which already exists in Roon’s hierarchy. So, everything called Dance appears top-level as Electronica.

This really should be about flipping two switches – file tag genres on, Roon genres off. We won’t make subjective decisions like organizing the new genres into a hierarchy for you, but they should just show up.

@jhwalker @Vasco_Machado_Vaz – are you seeing otherwise? If so, can you click a track, go to File Info, then File Tags, and let me know what you’re seeing under Genre.

Thanks guys!

Almost all of my Genres show up . . . under “Uncategorized” :confused: Why can’t they just show up in the list at the top level, just like the “official” Roon genres? i.e., if my Genre matches the Roon genre, great; if not, just show my Genre.

I suppose I could go into all of them and map them to something else using the Genre editor, but don’t understand the logic behind having to do so.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m really enjoying Roon for the most part, but this Genre thing is pretty irritating to me, having carefully tagged my library of over 80k tracks collected over 40 years to be just the way I want it!


Hi Mike,

This is an elegant solution ! However, I still have 2 issues with this new feature.

  1. I can use a parent genre only if it is already present in the database (i.e. either in Roon genres or in tags from files imported in Roon). For example, in my genre hierarchy, the parent genre of House is Electronic Dance Music. At this moment I have files in Roon which are tagged “[Genre] = House” but no files tagged as “[Genre] = Electronic Dance Music”. It would be cool if I could use Electronic Dance Music as a parent genre.

  2. It seems that it is not possible to set multiple parent genres. In my example, the parent genres of Electronic Dance Music are Electronic and Dance. I think Roon only allows to select one parent at this moment.

It would be really great if these 2 issues could be fixed.

Thanks !

Hey @JP_ – thanks for the kind words! Organizing genres is pretty complex stuff, so our goal here was to make something flexible that works for everyone out of the box.

This is possible now.

Go to the genre you want to be top-level, and click the Edit pencil, then click Choose Genre under the Parent Genre section.

You should get the Make Top Level option on the pop up:

Yes, for now Genres can only have one parent genre.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Mike, in the list under Pick genre (as seen in your printscreen image), the genres available are either:
a) Roon genres
b) Genres retrieved from file tags.

In this window, I would like to be able to have a third option:
c) Create a new genre

This new genre could then be assigned as a Parent genre in Roon.

Encouraging that some are finding all this functional. I’ve yet too. It’s frustratingly convoluted at the moment. Following clicking the “edit” pencil my installation does not provide me with “Make Top Level Genre”?

Your confusion is understandable – the handling of genres in Roon is incredibly powerful, but I probably wouldn’t describe it as simple.

To give a bit of background, we’ve always depended on the curated, hierarchical genre tree we get from our metadata providers. This ensures that when you browse your genres, you get sensible, top level choices (like Jazz, or Electronic), with narrower genres (Vocalese, Hi-NRG) a click or two away down the hierarchy.

This has historically been a requirement for us because our providers almost never give an album a single genre – even with a relatively small collection, you’re going to have hundreds of genres in your library from Day 1. Showing them all as top level would immediately make the genre browser unusable. Integrating file tag genres into this model was a big complex project, so we’re watching feedback closely before we iterate further.

Anyway, it looks like you’re in the Genre Mapping screen, which is designed to help you choose how file tag genres are integrated with the genres already in Roon. In most cases, this would be used for ensuring a tag genre is handled properly in Roon, but not displayed. Let me explain :smile:

For example, say you had tagged a bunch of files as Hard-Bop (with a dash). Since there’s already a genre in Roon called Hard Bop (with no dash), you might want to map the file tag to Roon’s genre. This would ensure all your Hard Bop albums are together, regardless of whether they were tagged that way by Roon, or as a result of the tags in your files. Once mapped, all the affected albums will just appear as Hard Bop, and the slightly different genre from your tags will no longer appear in Roon.

You could also use the mapping screen to ensure certain genres from your tags are hidden. For example, a surprising number of files in my library have the genre Other – I don’t know where that came form, but the mapping screen gives me a way to hide that specific genre in Roon, even if other genres from my tags are displayed.

Now that I’ve explained the mapping screen, let me actually answer your question :slight_smile: :

If you want to edit genres that appear in Roon, you need to find them via the Genre browser, not the Genre mapping screen. Find the genre you want to edit, click the little pencil, and then you can choose how the genre appears in Roon.

So, to recap, editing Genres is done from the Genre screen, whereas the mapping editor is more of a gatekeeper, deciding which tag genres make it into your library, and how they’re handled (ie, handled as a new genre, or mapped to something that exists in your library already).

Simple huh? :wink:

Wow Mike this update is something else.

Thanks for explaining the Genre situation, I now get it, I think…!

Thanks to all at Roon who are working on this stuff, much appreciated.


Quite helpful to know the differences. However, when attempting to undertake the edits from the main Genre screen, Roon froze. Upon reboot Roon, Unategorized disappeared from the Genre screen list, though nothing has changed in the setup tick boxes to cause this. “Show genre from file tags” remains enabled. Rebooting this Remote instance and its cpu did not resolve this. I’ve also had to fully reinstall the Remote instance on the cpu housing this headless install as a result. Upon reinstallation, genre operation appears back to default and Uncategorized is again accessible. Tried reinstallation with the other remote instance, and uncategorized is still unavailable–did trash the Library/Roon folder prior to reinstallation.

Powerful and useful are often mutually exclusive to the majority of users–though not necessarily the mix of current Roon adapters. Finding the balance can be tough. To me, I don’t think the balance is quite there yet with this aspect of Roon’s offering.

Thanks for the feedback @bebop57 – we absolutely expect to iterate and find the right balance over time.

That said, we should consider the stability issues you’re experiencing as a separate issue. When looking for Uncategorized, are you clicking View All Genres in the top right:

Are you still experiencing freezing? If so, I’d like to get some logs from you so we can figure out what’s going on.

Let me know the current status and we’ll get things worked out, and keep the feedback coming!


Thanks for getting back. Yes, I checked that “View All” option earlier. Again, uncategorized shows up on the remote instance residing on the Roon Server Mac Mini, but not on the other Mac Mini. Additionally, I just upgraded to 1.1 on a MacBook Air. Same result: despite enabling “show genres from file tag” uncategorized genres does not display. I’ve download and reinstalled 1.1, but to no avail. Does not look like that does a clean install though.