My issues backing up the Roon Database from ROCK

After getting rock up and running on my NUC7i7BNF, I have been having an issue creating data backups. I am interested in backing up to a Synology DiskStation Share and to a USB drive attached to a Mac on my network.

I finally was able to create backups to the Synology DiskStation by creating a RoonBackups share that allows guests to have read/write access. Until I did that, the backups all failed due to not finding the share or not having permission to write.

I would still like to back up to a USB drive attached to my mac, but I can’t figure out the path to access that drive while setting up a backup location in the roon app running on the same mac.

Show us a screenshot of the path picker popup when you have your usb drive. The drive should be listed on the left side.

I have 2 USB drives attached to the mac and neither show up when I try to set a database backup location. I assumed that I have to know the path, but pasting in the path (for example: /Volumes/LaCieStorage) doesn’t seem to work.

what is your USB drive attached to? this only shows you the Roon Core and devices connected to your Roon Core device.

if you are running Roon as a Remote on your Mac and the Roon Core on your NUC, then your drive needs to be plugged into the NUC. If you want to use the Mac for your drive, then you need to setup an SMB share from your Mac and mount it from the Roon Core on the NUC.

duh…I guess that was obvious. I am using Roon Core on the NUC and Roon on the Mac as a remote. I attached a small USB drive to the NUC and it was easy to back up the database to it. I did try to set a USB drive on the mac as an SMB share, but I couldn’t figure out the path to connect to it from the NUC with ROCK.