''My live radio'' folders


I’ve been adding more and more stations to my list, and I was wondering if there was any way to organize them once they’re in my folder?

Perhaps some kind of subfolder would be nice, since I can’t even add personalized tags to the stations.

Thank you!

I’m afraid not, but sounds like a good item for #roon:feature-suggestions .

…good idea

Thanks. I’ll ask for it over there then

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I name mine with a numeral in front of each with 1 for Jazz, 2 for Classical, etc., and sort alphabetically. This worked great until Roon created the new live music library. Now, if I enter a station manually in my library, and it exists in Roons library, it takes on the entries from Roon and I can’t edit those any longer :rage:.

Sub pages is a good idea. Or ability to assign channels to categories that would be sections on the page.

Or just allow editing of all the channel titles.

Ahh that’s too bad, when i started reading your post i really thought this could have been a solution.