My Live Radio in ARC

I’d love to have access to My Live Radio stations through the ARC app. Any chance this could be added at some point?

It’s on the roadmap and already in progress for a future release.


I was wondering about this myself. With Arc and Carplay it would be cool to access saved live radio stations. Seems counter-intuitive and no need to stream to the core and then re-steam to ARC, but at least it can initiate the stream and play it so it all goes through carplay and one app.

Yes! Great news.

Has this feature been forgotten? I just discovered that I can’t play live radio on ARC. Found this thread and it’s from September 2022. Almost a year ago.

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Even if Live Radio would be available in ARC, I would not be able to use it - as ARC in general - in the office or at my parent‘s place, because there is still no GoogleCast support on iOS as well.

I can use it in my car only. And no, AirPlay and Bluetooth are no serious alternatives, for several reasons.

I really don‘t know why it takes years to implement even the simplest features, if ever, although already promised …

Would be great to have this

Yes, live Radio would be fantastic. Perfect for early morning bedroom listening. Waiting in anticipation

I would also like to be able to access My Live Radio stations through the ARC app.

Hi all, added my vote just wondering is there a view on when this might be released.

Hey Roon!

Why isn’t there “My Live Radio” on ARC?
It would be great and belongs to Roon!

Please at least be honest and answer here whether it will be integrated or not.

Users have been asking for months or years and there is no answer.
That’s very sad, even though I otherwise really like Roon.

Best regards -MiKo-


+1 on this. Top of my list.

+1 please add live radio support