My Live Radio preset 'next'

I have a fair number of internet radio stations saved to My Live Radio…far more than I did prior to the enhancements/directory so thank you!

Back in the day listening to the radio in my car, it was normal to ‘flip through the stations’ to find a song that resonated in the moment.

How about an option, control, button to skip through stations saved in My Live Radio?

Just a simple ‘next’ would do, just like the old radio that didn’t have preset buttons rather one could only ‘next’ to the next preset station in a serial order. Preset scan…


No traction here. Doesn’t anyone else want to be able to ‘skip’ through Live Radio stations preset or not?

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Still hoping for something to help access, use and manage internet radio stations.

A set of presets, say 10 and the ability to move forward through them with Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 2.16.54 PM would be a great start


I like the idea of ‘presets’. Stations are now listed in alphabetical order, but it would be awesome if we could create a custom order, so I can have my favourite 10 (or so) stations on top, in the order of my choice.
Alternative would be the option to change the station title, so I can add ‘1’, ‘2’ etc., to the title so they would appear in the ranking of my choice anyway.

[I’m copying this to a separate feature request]