My Meridian system setup (split from extension talk)


My system consists of a pair of Meridian DSP 7200SEs, connected to a Linn Akurate streamer (and some other stuff) via a Funk CAS-2.V4 switchbox, with an Acourate Convolver room correction setup in the loop. Switching inputs is done manually via the Funk, as is room correction on/off, and volume control is via the Meridian remote. All this works fine and I do not feel the need to have volume control via Roon (is set to off). My wishlist is: i) proper Linn-Roon support, ii) Roon MQA support and iii) a solution for a very stubborn Roon - iPad wifi connection problem (already trying to solve this for a few months now, with kind support by Eric, so far without result). Eventually I may dump the Linn and Funk, and switch to a Meridian 808 or 818 and then it would be nice if Meridian would implement RAAT (but that is their issue, not Roon’s).

@Peter_Overbosch Understood – moving your post into a new topic as it’s not really on-topic here