My New Favorite Rap Artist - Dmitri Shostakovich (not Photoshop'd)

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Metadata inheritance

That’s awesome @ged_hickman1 ! Thanks

I think it’s even more convoluted in that Shostakovich was sampled by one artist then Plan B sampled that…
I guess any sampled/mixed album could end up in any category.

Doug Wimbish reggae/dub (really like his work)
Danger Mouse indie (another fav)
Kid Rock (well rock)
Prodigy (electronica/big beat)
Chuck D (rap)
Nas (rap)
Chilly (piano)
Don’t know the others without going online - Shostakovich (a classical fav excluded)

Awesome rap collection!

Ah! Hell nah!

Great pic of him for that credit, for sure!

Danger mouse because of the grey album, with Jay-Z Black album providing the lyrics.
Doug Wimbush was on the seminal White Lines and other rap songs.
Kid rock does rap and rock rap.
Prodigy is a rapper not The Prodigy.
Chilly Gonzales: Pianist, Rapper, Provocateur

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