My ‘one’ issue with Qobuz

I am a big fan/lover of Qobuz, and with full integration in Roon, it is absolutely wonderfull.
I have one issue though and it is related to their business model.
I am a guy still buying albums (99% downloads these days), and it is great to be able to buy highres albums at discounted prices compared to cd-quality prices.
However, new - mostly younger - artists that are so lucky their album already being available on Qobuz, are recording in cd quality.
I.e their album(s) are far more expensive than an established artist whose album is recorded/distributed in highres.
I believe it would be great for Qobuz, instead of lowering the subscription fee, would also ‘support’ new artists by offering a discount also on the cd-format albums, in order not only have their album streamed but also downloaded a lot more.
My ‘music’ wish for 2020

This seems like a message best communicated to Qobuz instead of Roon (or Roon forum).

Ultimately, I suspect the record companies and/or distributors set the price of the downloads. Those with higher demand will cost more than those with less demand.