My One New Feature -

As there is such a variety of requests for features that don’t exist I thought it would be fun to gauge what people would choose if they could only have one new feature that doesn’t exist in the current version of Roon.

The rule is, it has to be a new feature and it can’t be a cheap way of requesting a current bug to be fixed!

My one new feature would be:

A Roon speaker that could be controlled from any remote (e.g A PC that can be controlled by my tablet)


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Remote streaming. Downsampled.

Would make my daily car miles endlessly more enjoyable. :wink:

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Hard to pick just one. Probably editing of metadata and artwork.

In the Tidal section of Roon… I would like to see Tidal’s view"My Recommendations"

Especially the sections;

“New Albums from Most Played Artists”

“New Albums from Favorite Artists”

I could then bookmark these views in Roon … and not have to switch to Tidal to check them out.

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Upsampling and control of filter parameters, a la iZotope 64-bit SRC (as used in, e.g., Audirvana Plus and Fidelia Advanced).

Mobile Sync - I want to be able to sync tracks and playback statistics to a variety of Phones/Tablets/Digital Audio Players that run iOS, Android, and support for the Apple iPod Classic.

Playback statistics include likes, bans, skips, play count, skip count, last played, date played, date skipped, last skipped, etc…

For the iPod 1 Star = Ban, 5 Stars = Love.

I want to leave iTunes and this is the one feature that is holding me back!

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Similar to @orgel, DSP enhancements so we can possibly achieve better SQ from Roon.