My optical cable will not stay in the SOSE (CuBox)

What a bummer!! I received my SE this week and I got a new Wireworld optical cable. The cable will not stay in the optical port of the SE. I cannot use the USB with my DAC. Has anyone else had this problem?

I’ve found the optical out to be ridiculously loose but I can get it stay in just barely. This is definitely a manufacturer defect but since I got it to work I didn’t bother returning.

The Toslink port in the Cubox (which the SOSE is based on) is fine but rather recessed, and the cutout in the Cubox’s housing is small – too small for cables with fat plugs.

You may want to use a cable with a slimmer plug. I used a kitchen knife to trim the plastic on my (el cheapo) cable’s plug – it fits nice and tight now.

I cannot get mine to stay in place and I won’t take a knife to mine to get it to work. Sonore is aware of this issue but sadly did not post on their website and now I am out a bunch of money in return shipping costs and worst thing is I am not able to try out Roon software.

This all sounds disappointing (especially as I have one on order)!

You would think that ability to accept optical cables was pretty much a prerequisite or is it that somehow the cables being used are different to the norm?


The design of the SolidRun CuBox recessed toslink port has been criticised as having too narrow a cutout. Some people have cut a larger (unsightly) hole in the unit, others are using an extender.

Cut a hole in the unit? With a knife? That seems a bit over the top don’t you think? If I do that does it void my warranty? If this has been a known problem than why has it not been posted on the sellers website? This just makes for a lot of frustration, negative feelings and with that negative reviews. I have wasted a lot of my time and money trying to get Roon to work and I can honestly say it has not been worth it to me.

Cut out a hole…really?

I could not agree more with you. Why design a unit that goes with a $10 plastic optical cable? Seems ridiculous and I have been told that the company that makes the box refuses to make changes.

If you care about the quality of the sound that comes from your system do not settle for a piece of crap optical cable. I will not.

Yes, it seems to be a common issue with the CuBox. The recessed port appears to have been designed around a particular cheap cable. An extender seems the simplest solution.

Designed around a cheap cable… Oh that’s just great. Just what I want in my high end audio system, a cheap plastic optical cable that sounds like crap. If I had my system set up in my mother’s basement I am sure I would be okay with that but I don’t :-((

So who sells this so called extender?

I don’t have any personal experience of toslink extenders, just saw one mentioned in the last post of the thread linked above. I believe a number of types are available on eBay.

It may be that @agillis or @Jesus_Rodriguez have seen a more elegant solution for the toslink port issue on the CuBox. Let’s put up a flag and see if they can assist.

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The factory sent us a link this morning for an adaptor following a round of emails about the issue. I’m going to order one and try it out. If it works, I will send one to each customer that wants one. We were looking at offering a cable that works well, but most people just want to use their own cable.

Jesus R

Gently steering clear of any cable debate (I’d guess just the bits I cut off would amount to $10), I appreciate diving into the kitchen drawer and chopping up your cables is not everybody’s idea of audiophile bliss.

Then again, don’t write off the SOSE too easily, just because SolidRun did not give much thought to the TOSlink port when designing the Cubox.

It’s a great (and cheap) endpoint, offering a versatile solution to anyone that can’t be bothered toying with any odd Linux distro themselves.

Well said my good man, well said.

So this problem has been known about for a couple of years (on the Cubox) and no-one bothered to fix it?
Does anyone have a link to a suitable adapter/extender although I am not really that keen to use one? Or should I just take a knife to my SOSE when it arrives?
Very disappointed TBH.

If we take knives to the unit they are not returnable obviously. I really do not want to use an extender. I purchased a very nice digital cable and I worry a cheap plastic extender will degrade the sound. I’m surprised that it was not addressed but if you look at the manufacturer’s website you can see that this little cube is a nothing product for them. That’s just my opinion.

Just noticed they have changed the order page for the SOSE so it now asks which output you intend to use. I suppose if you choose optical they then send you an adaptor/cable that fits/knife.

It was done yesterday after I guess a lot of complaints.

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How did you go with the adaptor?