My Pi stopped being visible to both Roon and HQP [solved]

I went on vacation after just getting my RPi set up for both Roon and NAA. Came back and now neither work. I restarted my Pi and confirmed that networkaudiod is running.

No Bridge visible in roon (latest bridge update, build 31)
No NAA visible in HQP.
I can ssh to the Pi just fine.

Any ideas of what I can look for to troubleshoot?

EDIT: My DAC was off. Turning it on fixed all the things. Oops.

Mike did you do a status check on networkaudiod to make sure there are no errors?

I had already done that, but I figured it out. I forgot that my DAC has to be on for the endpoint to be recognized.

That’s what I get for turning off my brain. Oops :slight_smile:

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