My post has been flagged and hidden, what should I do?

The Discourse system will automatically hide a post if it is flagged by enough users with a high enough trust rating. When a Moderator actions the flag they may edit the post or leave it hidden.

Discourse will generate a system message when a post is hidden inviting the poster to consider editing the post to remove non-complying content. If you are in doubt about what part of your post is non-complying then it is best not to edit and unhide. If you are absolutely certain that there is no non-complying content then you should definitely leave it for a Mod to review.

One thing you should not do is to simply repost the exact same content in the exact same thread. Reposting hidden, moderated or deleted content is regarded as a serious infringement of the Community Guidelines and can result in suspension.

If your post has been flagged off-topic then you can start a new linked thread as follows:

  • Reply to the post you want to link to;
  • Select ‘Reply as linked topic’ from the + menu at the top left of the editor;
  • Choose a name and category for your new thread;
  • Discourse will generate links to and from the original topic, enabling users to navigate and follow the discussion.

Starting a new thread enables the conversation to branch and grow, so don’t be shy about using the ‘Reply as linked topic’ button.