My Roon is not as cool as Enno's Roon!

Roon Core Machine

I have a ROCK, Sonos speakers, and I drive the system from Android, iPhone, and Windows.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Eero wifi / Xfinity

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Description of Issue

Enno’s video on music discovery is amazing!

But my Roon doesn’t show all that! I do not see the different eras for Miles Davis, and I do not see album Discographies for any artist. What am I missing?

I’m using my own library. Do you have to subscribe to a streaming service to see all that other amazing information? We already subscribe to Amazon Music and Spotify (family preference), so I’m reluctant to subscribe to another. It would be nice to see all this information about artists, tracks and albums that are not in my library.

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Different than Enno’s view.

Yes. You need either Qobuz or Tidal to get access to enough albums to show all the bells and whistles. There is a hack where you can add a Qobuz “no streaming subscription, just downloads only” account which purportedly lets you see (I’ve never tried it, I’m sure you can find someone on the forum who has done it).

Personally I would find that very frustrating to have access to what’s out there but not be able to hit play. So my advice would be to get a 1-month trial of one of the services (I think they are fairly similar if you have “ fairly popular” taste, but I think one is better for EDM, another better for classical, if you’re into ECM jazz there’s more on one, I can’t recall because I have both) and try it out. If it’s not worth it don’t subscribe.

For me, Roon without streaming would be 10% as good. Bummer we can’t integrate more services but it is what it is and so I subscribe to the ones that do integrate.


Regarding adding qobuz to your roon, yes you can create a free acct on the qobuz site which gives you access to purchase music/downloads etc…

Once you do that, go into roon settings and add your qobuz login info and you will be able to see additional metadata (you won’t be able to play the streaming content obviously). I used this “method” for quite awhile before adding the qobuz subscription

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