My Roon review after 10days

I too have regular iPhone and iPad crashes, I find it very frustrating.

I also don’t like that the interface on the iPhone is ‘dumbed down’ compared to the iPad. If I find a glitch in my library I have to hunt out my iPad to complete an edit.



I had a very simple set-up, for most guys here I would probably be Mi-Fi with Music stored on MacMini as core and iPhone / iPad as endpoint, a Denon AVR and Apple TV with ELAC speakers. The MacMini to receiver was via optical cable, no WiFi and hence no multi-room. Only Qobuz in addition.

Worked well but of course there was the topic of having to connect the iMac every once in a while for updates, restarts etc.

I have now bought the Roon Nucleus - works so smooth, instantly up, no more fuzz. Great joy.

No crashes on iPhone.

So if you have a preference for not wasting life time try the nucleus as core.
That may be too simple for some here as there is nothing to configure.

But I am happy as can be car je ne dois plus « bricoler ».

I installed ROON in Mac Mini with music files in a NAS, then feed into a Rega DAC and use iPad as control. Everything goes smooth.
But I don’t understand why some friends here installed ROON in the NAS even they have a Mac in the system. Is there anything I have missed in my system?

You haven’t missed anything, but often people want to also use their computer for other tasks, and doing so might impact Roon’s performance. Hence the desire for a dedicated Roon Core server.

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No, you’ve not missed anything! Mac Mini for Core, NAS for files and everything (excepting control devices of course ) hard-wired. That’s the way to Roon nirvana!

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Well, I wanted to keep my music on my NAS, and it’s not good to have the Core elsewhere if you do that. So that’s one possible reason. Best to have them local to the Core.

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The Nucleus is, of course, the most simple way to enter in the Roon World. And I understand your point of view. I like the things they work without headache and “bricolage”. It’s the reason why I love the Apple world.
But the Nucleus is too expensive to just see if I like the ecosystem. So I bought a preowned NUC connected to my NAS, it’s cheap and it does the job.
And as I’m an IT guy, it wasn’t a big deal for me to configure it.

Anyway, Nucleus or not, it’s not logical to have so much issues.

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Hi Jim

I am not sure why you have had so many issues. Roon has never crashed on me as such I have always put any glitches down to Wifi issues. I now have my own ethernet network and a Roon Nucleus. Everything since setting this up has been rock steady.


Hi Jim

I already wrote down things about this topic.
But for sure when roon core was on my nas qnap =
Problems, latencies and more.
Since I have a Nuc I5 8th gen, no more problem on anything even iPhone and I Pad.

And as you are an IT guy you should know how many things can be involved when you have problems…updates, compatibility, network and so on.

I hope your experience is getting better!

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Maybe the implementation is better on audio devices like streamer than an iPad.
For example, few minutes ago, I want to listen to music. I launch Roon on the iPad (endpoint) and take my iPhone to choose what I want. I couldn’t select the iPad as zone. I had to go to the iPad, go in audio settings. the iPad was in “activating” mode, I put a name in field, press return then the application crashed. I launch again Roon on the iPad and it was ok.
I don’t think it was a wifi issue.

Most if not all the issues you’ve encountered are probably your network/setup. I’ve been running roon on a QNAP NAS as roonserver/core for 2-3 years now. Never had a network or remote connection issue to date and that’s from various iOS and W10 devices.


I have Roon core on a Nucleus and use Dell XPS 15, iPhone 6S Plus, and iPad Mini 4 as control devices with zero issues. The Nucleus is connected by ethernet. The others are WIFI.

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I would remove and reinstall the iPad app. Also note that the default zone is made private for iOS devices so maybe change that as a first choice in setup

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I just do not understand. Why assume Roon is the problem? None of the listed problems has appeared here. How can that be if Roon is the problem source. I have Roon, you have Roon so we should both have the same problems as we both have Roon. But I have none of these problems. None!
I suggest, strongly, that your problems lie elsewhere than Roon.


Hi Jimmy,

i’m an IT-guy too and most of the time it’s a layer 8 problem, at least if i’m layer 8. :wink:

I’m using roon since last summer and it’s working extremely stable in my network. My roonCore uses hardware which is much weaker than the minimum recommendation without any problems. I think that’s because i forgo the potential bottlenecks WiFi & NAS.

What do you mean with 4 number code? Do you mean the settings > airplay and homekit > allow access > password? 4 number code sounds like airplay streaming over bluetooth and with roon we stream over the network.
I have in my AppleTV settings … „anyone in the same network“ and a password. Simply use roon on your ipad, go to settings > audio. On the right side you should see your AppleTV with an „Enable“ button. Click that one and type in your password. After that you can choose your AppleTV as an roon endpoint and start streaming from your roonCore.

(: whoa

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I got the Nucleus Plus, use the DAC within my Marantz SA-10 superaudio cd player, and an iPad as my controller. (McIntosh amp, Paradigm speakers, ethernet connection). I have both Tidal and Qobuz. I barely play the SACDs anymore since i can listen to downloads and streaming at above CD resolution.
I’m old and tech-naive but I have a very reliable dealer who set it up.
I may have finally found the system I always wanted.


I agree. I’ve been using Roon for almost a month and it’s been a LONG time since I’ve used software this buggy. It’s nice to be able to control all the rooms with one app and I like that the intent is high-quality music, but the iPhone app crashes almost constantly, the MacOS server gets stuck crashing and requires that the database be deleted so you can start over too often. It doesn’t matter how good the audio quality is if it’s always failing to play music. Spotify has lower quality streams, but it works reliably – lower-quality streams is better than no music. Roon needs to focus more on product quality before it focuses on audio quality.

Who the hell is using Java in 2020? Roon, that’s who! No wonder it’s so unreliable, Java was built to be bloated, slow and buggy. Roon proves that. The UI is lousy and ugly, very 1999. I can’t believe of all the reviews I’ve read no one talks about how lame the UI is. It’s unbearable and so many things are undiscoverable and unintuitive. Hire a UI/UX designer! Drop the cross-platform nonsense, it has never been good and never will be. Make a good iOS app, a good Android app, a good MacOS app, etc. Stop trying to be “efficient” by making something that looks and feels bad on every platform.

Come on Roon, you’ve been at this for 13 years (!) and the software is still this bad??!


Apple has been at iOS for 13 years, and still treats probably a billion people as beta-testers with each and every release. I don’t upgrade my Apple devices for at least 6 months after a “new” release. Let’s not even talk about Catalina. Roon works flawlessly for the overwhelming majority of users. The vast majority of issues people have are due to their network configurations/ISP vagaries. Sort all that out then come back and preach to us.

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What?! If you ranked software companies in order of high-quality, good design, ease-of-use and reliability Apple would be in everyone’s top 2 or 3 list, if not #1 across the board. You’re seriously putting Roon in that category?! Come on. There’s a reason these guys don’t work at Meridian anymore and it’s not because they were too good at their jobs!

My network is almost 100% wired. I’m a software developer and have been for 30 years, we’re all not noobs who are all using WiFi from our cheap routers from our ISP. The network (or crikey, firewalls and antivirus software!) is not the problem, it’s the buggy software. And it isn’t a problem streaming from my phone in Spotify, Tidal or Qobuz via Chromecast or Airplay. I’ve been doing that for years, but in just 1 month with Roon, suddenly my entire network is a problem. Roon can’t go a full day without at least one problem, usually many more. What do you blame for the Core software crashing? Is that my network or just me? Crashing software is a bug, software should never crash. But Roon crashes all the time.


I guess it’s time to use the mute option…once again.