My Roon review after 10days

Everybody is moving into this spce, so I would certainly not be as sure as you are to exclude it. Apple has blocked FLAC for decades. Now they‘ve silently opened it up. In preparation for something coming? Who knows.

I‘ve got 3 Homepods standing here. Purely to receive Home Automation commands etc. not to stream music. Apple knows that many of their customers have highend Audio in their possession. Jobs owned a Linn LP12.

Only been around a few weeks, but I can name those hardcore fanboy-shouters already :sunglasses: But there are also strong supporters that recognize the imperfactions of Roon and are making valuable contributions / suggestions.

But some can just be savely ignored as their contribution to advance matters equals zilch.

All the characters seem to be chiming in on this thread, so I can’t help myself :grin:

Just checking - is your NUC hardwired (ethernet cable) to your main modem/router?

This is almost essential.

Your endpoints can all be wireless but your Roon Core really needs to be hard wired for the best experience.

I setup Roon for my old man (dad) on the other side of the country, playing to 9 different endpoints (combination wireless and hard wired) and I haven’t had a Roon related technical support phone call from him in years…

ISP provided routers don’t always make for good switches, I would suggest getting an 8 port unmanaged switch and connecting it to your router and then all wired devices to the switch.


I would be happier if you had said wired is preferred for all endpoints and essential for the core. Wireless is always a last option for connectivity of anything if it has a wired option.

Of course - that they’re not doing too bad has been stated a number of times by the owners (for what that’s worth, obviously - for example, @danny here, @enno here), so as far as one can tell, that Roon is a “struggling business” is flat-out wrong.

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I don’t think I have posted here yet!

Totally agree. My kids would have significantly larger college savings had I not spent so much of my 1990s income on different wireless protocols trying to beam VCD quality video into my living room!

I don’t have any visibility but my outside observation is that Roon has a strong stable revenue stream that doesn’t allow them to blow anything out but forms a solid foundation to continue to build on. My guess is they are trying not to get over their skis and grow organically but not sprint with someone else’s money. I don’t know the end-game (exit plan) because an acquisition would almost certainly require Roon to redirect to serve a single master, but perhaps not, and perhaps they are thinking IPO, or just enough cash flow for all the C-level types to buy their own Caribbean island someday. I think they have seen a lot of growth since they first hit my radar in 2017. The product reflects that growth, but also the potential yet to be achieved.

To think, he could have bought something decent… :wink:

Some people have problems with Roon. Thousands of people have no problems with Roon. What is the difference? It’s the same program. That leaves the equipment they are using, their network, and their ISP.

My problems early on were related to firewall, using WIFI, and using a multi-purpose Windows 10 computer. Once, I punched through the firewall, got a Nucleus, and ran ethernet to the Nucleus and my Oppo 203 all has been perfect for 6 months with zero failures. Of course, that doesn’t mean Roon works well with every possible piece of hardware.

I have AT&T U-Verse 50/12 internet service. I am using the AT&T supplied gateway (modem-router combined). This is also feeding one wired and two wireless TV’s, a couple iPhones, iPads, and my laptop.


Same in life, so easy to complain about others without looking or thinking that could come from you, your ignorance, your errors, mistakes, etc…
Again Roon is not 100% bug free and could be more friendly and easy to use and bla bla bla.
But when people talk about Apple or else please…ITunes? Microsoft solutions?
And as you said compatibility is not possible with 100% hardware or software.

Since I own a nuc with roon core plug in USB to my Mcintosh it is perfect! And I even stream from roon Remote iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro to my homepods without any problems.


I think their goal is to be the Dolby of audio or to be acquired for their “RAAT Technology”. They certainly can’t compete with Apple, Spotify, etc in building apps as evidenced by the abysmal look, feel and quality control of their existing software. Their software (and us as customers) exists only to make OEMs care about Roon Ready. OEMs hate licensing companies, though, so they will embrace any popular open standard.

So it’s only a matter of time before Chromecast and/or AirPlay or some hardware like it will be the de facto hi-res audio network streamer and all audio hardware companies won’t need Roon Ready because we’ll plug a Chromecast into all the DACs, Receivers, etc in our houses and use any Chromecast-enabled music app we like. (Chromecast is already there if you don’t care about hi-res audio.)

Apple and Amazon aren’t going to sit and watch Google walk away with becoming the standard. So they’ll compete with their own technologies. In the end, there will be one winner. Maybe they’ll coalesce around RAAT and Roon can be the licensing/certification company for it, but doubtful IMO. But if they are, I hope they at least change the god awful names “RAAT” and “Roon” to something more appealing.

I love the Roon name, it appeals to me very much and RAAT is a descriptive acronym. Pretty cool too.
A user doesn’t even need to know RAAT exists and it’s just the pipeline

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It’s interesting how some people can predict the future yet they have time to post on internet forums. Why aren’t they out there making the future instead of trying to tear down others?


Some know-it-alls just use the forum to bloviate.


The poor guy just prove by complaining about Roon and RAAT names that he is just here to mess around, nothing good anywhere, so why are you bothering? I guess it’s a way to spend time… and it is better than beating the dog…
Looking forward to seeing you on other posts.

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I already built two companies (one in tech, one outside of tech) and I’m too tired and old to start something else so I’m trying to enjoy other things in life like music.

I’m not “tearing down” Roon, I’m trying to get them to improve by pointing out where they need improvement. There’s 2 types of people in the world: those who think criticism is their enemy and those who know it’s their friend. The former tend to fail and the latter tend to succeed. I support Roon with my dollars and I hope Roon becomes huge and everyone involved gets super wealthy, but they don’t look like they are heading that way.


They do need to know the name just like they need to know names like HDMI, Bluetooth, TOSlink, RCA, FLAC, Dolby, CAT5/6, Blu-ray, etc.

Tell your wife the name “RAAT” and see what she thinks of it. I have yet to mention “Roon” to someone wirhout them asking “What? Room? Ruin?” Names should be positive or at least not off-putting.

I tell you now, my partner uses Roon very successfully and has no idea what RAAT is.
She uses the Android App and Apple app.
All she does is select a zone, select what she wants and hits play, that’s it.

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If I could predict the future I’d be playing the lotto…

…predict, win, rinse, repeat.

I tell you now, my partner uses Roon very successfully and has no idea what RAAT is.
She uses the Android App and Apple app.
All she does is select a zone, select what she wants and hits play, that’s it.

You picked Roon so you know what RAAT is, you almost couldn’t avoid it, right? My wife doesn’t need to know what HDMI is to watch a movie but if she had to go out and buy a TV and hook it up, she’d hear the name very quickly.

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