My selected Tidal "Tracks" are mixed in with "Albums" in ROON,

My selected Tidal “Tracks” are mixed in with “Albums” in ROON,
is there a way to view only my “Tracks” from Tidal in ROON
like Tidal “Playlists” do??

Select “Tracks” from the hamburger menu. Click/touch the “Focus”button, and in the Focus dialog scroll over to the right side. Click/touch the “Format” button. In the Format sub-dialog, select “TIDAL”.

Thanks for the reply. However, I believe you mistook me as having TIDAL data mixed in with “my” albums on a local share. That’s not the case.
It’s TIDAL “MY TRACKS” mixed in with “MY ALBUMS”, TIDAL has three ways to save favorites, "MY ALBUMS’, “MY PLAYLISTS” & “MY TRACKS”, if you look at the left hand side on the TIDAL screen.
ROON can show “MY PLAYLISTS” from TIDAL for selection, but there is no option to show only “MY TRACKS” from TIDAL.
What ROON does is mix “MY ALBUMS” and “MY TRACKS” together.

Hi Linda,

If you go to the left hand menu and select Tidal and then Your Favorites tab, you should see your favourited Artists, Albums and Tracks.

Is that what you’re looking for?

Cheers, Greg

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Sorry for the misunderstanding. @Greg’s prescription looks like what you’re looking for.

Thank you Greg!!! That works.

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