My Tidal keeps cutting out saying I am playing it on the web

I think this isn’t a Roon issue, but thought someone here might have had this happen to them. When I am playing my Tidal app on my phone, I get the error message “Playback has been stopped because you are playing Tidal on the web” This seems to happen after I have played Tidal on my Roon Nucleus. Could this be connected? Since you don’t really turn a Nucleus off, could it think my Tidal account is still connected and therefore won’t let me play it on my phone? I have contacted Tidal customer service, but they aren’t really willing to help. They just suggested removing everything and starting from scratch, which I have done. They also suggested deauthorizing other users, but I don’t have any other users listed. Again, I know this isn’t most likely a Roon issue and I realize I am counting on the kindness of this group for some help.

Finally, what are the other streaming services that work well with Roon?


I’d change your Tidal password and see if that saves it
Qobuz is the only other service that works with Roon.

Thanks! I did do this once, but will try again. I really appreciate your advice!

If your using Roon you can’t use the Tidal app at exactly the same time as it uses your account details so counts as a user. You can browse etc but you can’t play from one if the other is being used without it stopping one. So if you have paused is Roon it’s still active it’s just warning you. I managed to play Tidal ping pong when trying to use the Tidal app in my car when my partner was at home using Roon so everytime I pressed play it gave that message by then stopped her music then she would play music and stop mine. It’s was a good 5 mins before I worked out why. Felt a right idiot. But it should not stop you being able to play but it will give a message if it’s still active.

When this happens, I have recently been playing Tidal on the Nucleus, but I haven’t been trying to play with both. I will pay especially close attention to stopping Tidal in the Nucleus. It seems that resetting the password has fixed it this time. I love technology, but when it doesn’t work…ARGH!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Tidal accounts seem to get hacked a lot going by the number of people here who find unexplained albums appearing in their favourites etc. My suggestion to change your password was based on the thought that someone else was using your account.

Ged it sounds like there is a blackmarket for Spotify and Tidal logins. Looks like a lot of people use their password that has leaked on another site.

I was listening to a podcast and they said that Spotify refuses to rate limit logon attempts and that’s how they can bundle them up and sell access. Not sure about Tidal though.


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It does seem as though changing my Tidal password has fixed it and I did notice several albums in my collection that were not ones I would have picked. Do people change their Tidal password monthly? quarterly? only when they get hacked? I did use a better password this time. Thanks for all of your help.

The better password should help I think. It doesn’t happen that often.

Michael based on what I listened too most people re-use a password, so that would be a good thing to stop doing. I use a Lastpass password for Tidal and it is about 20 characters long. So I cannot type it in at all :wink:

Well glad it is fixed at least