My Tidal titles on Roon

Hello, I would like to display all Tidal titles in the Roon app in Windows and I don’t know how? With all locally stored titles in my library, it would be easy to disable Tidal’s service. But exactly the other? When I save something to my music library in the Tidal app, it shows up in the Roon app too. Not the other way around, so if I add a Tidal title to my library in Roon, I don’t see it in the Tidal app. So how do I get all Tidal titles in my library to appear in Ronn?

If you open My Library > Albums, and click on Focus, and scroll down to Storage locations, you can choose TIDAL.

In this example, I use Qobuz.

If you click on the filter it turns red (-), and will display all but your TIDAL releases.

Now tap the screen outside the box. Click on the boomark icon. :bookmark:

To save this view, you can use a bookmark.


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