My tracks - how to wipe that?

What am I doing wrong when I add a track to the MYTRACS and all tracks from the recording are moved to MYTRACKS?

How to I delete the tracks from MYTRACKS without also getting the offer to delete (the local tracks) from the hard drive? Because I have no wish to have all tracks from a recording in MYTRACKS, this playlist is seriously diluted. I want to wipe it without wiping the corresponding tracks from my harddrive or library. Can it be done?

Have I misunderstood the purpose of MYTRACKS?

I have ignorance on this feature. Thanks for help

Not sure I understand the question but My Tracks is just a list of tracks in your library, just as My Albums lists the albums in your library. Library includes both local and streamed content. It isn’t a playlist.

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Yes, you are right. I thought of it as “my tracks” in Tidal. Wrong, I assume.

In Tidal, you have “My tracks” which is a conventient feature. As far as I understand Roon, this playlist may not be added to from roon. Only played.

Is this correct?

The Tidal playlist cannot be edited in Roon, you are correct. You can import the playlist so that it is IN Roon and not residing in Tidal, and you can edit that Roon playlist. However, you can then not export those changes directly back to Tidal.

Thanks. Bummer! I wrote such code for a Norwegian company once (IXION), so therefore I know it is available as a feature in the Tidal API. IOW, this is “political decision” made by Roon team. I find it to be a faulty one. It creates less easy usage (of Roon).