My week without Roon

Just returned from a week with family at a vbro rental in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

It was almost perfect, beautiful spacious adobe style home on a private gated road, mountain views from the patios all across the back of the house, hot tub, sauna, driving range setup (hiking to retrieve the balls), all modern conveniences, everything was fantastic except the only music available came from cable/disk channels through TV speakers. Not even a soundbar to be found. Iffy cell service and spotty internet. Yikes!!

The grand kids were happy with their phones/buds but I missed good music and real speakers. We were roughing it.

Didn’t think I would have much need for ARC but, after a 1800 mile road trip in a packed car (rear speakers covered up) listening to Pandora (when cell service was available), and 5 days lodging with only TV speakers for sound, I might need to rethink that.

Need to figure out my Roon ARC travel package before the next trip. For vehicle and remote lodging.

Actually got chills first time I heard good music on the entertainment system after getting home. Don’t get that listening to it every day, use to it I guess, but it was real after going without for a while.


Maybe also pack headphones the next time, just to be sure :grin:


I think I would just die… I can’t even go outside without my headphones for music!!


A quality set of in ear phones (look up Crinacle’s list) a chord mojo and your phone is a perfect travel companion. WIth that and Plexamp you can get studio quality sound outside watching the sunset. (Dont know if ARC will do hires since I won’t give up off-line functionality so I stuck to 1.8).

I’m deaf on the right side so headphones or ear buds don’t work for me. I need real speakers to hear the music.

We always pack a Bluesound Flex 2i with battery pack to prevent this craving…
You even could take 2 to set them up in stereo, this takes you a long way away from the TV speakers :slight_smile:

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Ah, sorry did not know that.

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There have been a few travel speaker sets over the years. I think Cambridge Soundworks had one where the case became the subwoofer.

Honestly, I’m usually good with a BT speaker as I stay in hotels / shared wall situations. But your other option could very well be buying something like a Pelican hard case, custom cutting the foam, and throwing in a set of active speakers. Something Vanatoo sized would be rather nice on a trip. If you wanted to go wild you could even try Q Acoustics, Totem, etc. They all make nice actives now.

EDIT: The Cambridge Soundworks package was called the Model 12

And here’s the Model 11


Wasn’t aware portable speaker systems existed. Thanks for that information. Had considered taking one or several of my Roon Ready Elac Z3’s that work very well in my house. Will probably be lots of new sound toys on the market by the time I get to take another vacation.

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I am sitting in a field with only my phone and Sony WH 1000 MX4 for company

A 256 SD card is my friend :smiling_imp:


Really? Even some of the Bluetooth speakers by Anker are excellent for the money. I have several and use them in a stereo configuration, some even act as portable chargers.

The KEF SLXii’s are small and easily movable to other rooms. I could see ourselves taking them if traveling by car for an extended stay. Can connect by USB to a laptop with stored music in case there’s no internet (therefore no Roon/ARC).

Will a moderator please mark this as the solution? :wink:

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Thanks to all for the feedback.

I do have one of the big portable party speakers used outside but that wasn’t what I had in mind for a portable inside solution. Wasn’t aware of something like the Cambridge model 11 package, portable amplified 2.1 speaker solution that only needs a music source. Sounds like a good option.

Think I’d be happy with the Elac Z3 as a portable speaker system, multiple amps/speakers in a small package, but without wide stereo separation. Already have 4 of those for whole house music so it would be a no cost option.

If ARC on a 12.9 IPAD was a source option that would work, good screen size and 2 tb storage would hold all my flac files for offline situations.

Don’t think we’re there yet, maybe never, but we’ll see what Roon has in store with future updates.

Roon ARC works on iPads. It just doesn’t fill up the screen completely.

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