Mytek Brooklyn and ROCK

Hi there, planning to get a Brooklyn over the weekend but not sure if there’s any USB driver/connection issue between ROCK on an Intel NUC and Brooklyn.

Can anyone advise please?

I have the same equipment, and it just works… enjoy it!


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Thanks Paul, been using it with Roon for almost a month now, am really enjoying it.

I hadn’t noticed that your original post was back in August :slight_smile:

My latest purchase is a MiniDSP processor so I can play with DIRAC room correction. In order to make that work, I am using an HDMI audio splitter and injecting the audio into the DSP over optical, then I have the DSP connected to the Brooklyn using AES/EBU. The room correction is amazing - much better than my previous experiments with REW so worth the money in my opinion - but I have to revert back to the old USB connection and lose the room correction if I want to play with MQA tracks.

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technically seems out of my league, thanks for the interesting info though :wink:

Hallo Raymond, it works fine and automatically. If you can spare an extra dime try a SOtM usbultra or a ISO regen between the Mytek. You really cant believe you ears…