Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ How to connect turntable and use with SBooster

Hi Gang! I bought an SBooster to use with the DAC. Is this as simple as plug it in and turn it on? Do I have to change any settings? Should the SBooster not be plugged into the surge protector along with all the other devices, but plugged directly into the wall socket?

I’m also thinking about adding a turntable, and I realize I know nothing about that. I noticed there is a phono ground on the back of the unit. Do I use that? Does the cable come with that? What kind of cable do I need to hook up a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon?

Thanks for all the help!

Well, I guess I answered my own question. No you DONT plug the SBooster into the surge protector! I think that’s the problem? It worked fine for a few hours then all of a sudden my entire listening room started to buzz or hum very ominously and I thought the house might blow up! It didn’t stop when I turned all equipment buttons, including the SBooster, off. I had to unplug the SBooster. Now I’m afraid to plug the SBooster back in, even directly to the mains. Does anyone have some wisdom to share?

I have a DAC+ w/ the SBooster plugged into a Furman power strip / surge protector. I’m using the 12v trigger to power up a J2 amp as well. I also have a turntable w/ a Moving Magnet cartridge and you do need to make sure you have the Analog Input set correctly for the turntable (P MM or P MC). I’ve not had any issues w/ this configuration.

Assuming it’s not a mismatch with the Analog Input setting and turntable, it sounds like you may have a grounding or ground loop issue of some sort.

My problem appears to be the after market AC cable that came with the unit, which I bought used. I replaced it with a standard AC cable, plugged it into the surge protector, and so far so good. I guess it’s not a problem to use the surge protector after all.