Mytek Brooklyn DAC+: Two questions

Hi all, I am considering a Brooklyn DAC+. I currently run a Roon Core on a rack-mount Linux server in my network closet, with a Mac mini as the endpoint in my listening room. I would want to connect the DAC+ to the Mac mini over a USB connection.

I have two questions. I tried searching but couldn’t find matches – if you know of earlier answers, please do point me to them.

  1. With my proposed setup as above – will Roon recognize the Brooklyn hanging off the Mac mini’s USB and set the correct defaults for max PCM? (I know that Macs don’t support native DSD; PCM is fine with me.)

  2. Suppose I create a Roon digital filter, e.g., a room correction filter, and load it into the Roon Core for this endpoint. If I listen to an MQA track, will the filter be applied, or does MQA preclude the use of room correction or other filters?

Thank you for any assistance.

1, Roon will recognise the Brooklyn and set defaults.
2, MQA and room correction filters work just fine in Roon.

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Thank you!

I would strongly recommend a Brooklyn Bridge instead. You wouldn’t need the Mac, it serves as the Roon endpoint and DAC combined, removing the noisy USB connection from computer to DAC.

Just gone down that road myself. Brooklyn Bridge with two Brooklyn amps for mono bridged operation. Arriving soon :heart_eyes:

I used to have a Brooklyn Bridge, and if you can swing the extra $ for the built-in streamer it’s well worth it. You can save a few $ by buying used or demo.

Last time I looked, MCRU in Huddersfield had an ex dem Brooklyn Bridge and an amp too.

Am I correct in interpreting the Bridge specs that the network input is 24/192 max?

You are correct.

It does sound very good indeed. I swapped out SoTM endpoint, M-DAC+ and Naim pre/power (6 boxes) for a BB and power amp (2 boxes). The improvement was huge. The turntable preamp is great too.

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