Mytek Brooklyn Tone when upsampling to DSD256


@Dan_Knight and have been working very hard to try to solve this issue I have with the USBridge feeding the Mytek Brooklyn via Roon upsampling. Sadly, Mytek isn’t very helpful. Can anyone from Roon assist?

I’m not able to post the video but could certainly email to anyone if needed.

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Yeah, I’m in that thread and in contact with Allo.

Was there ever an update or solution to this problem? I was able to patch and recompile the kernel for the USB ID of the DAC+ but I am also getting the tone when playing back at DSD256.


Any Update?

I doubt it. I sold my Mytek as their customer service is abysmal. Went around and around with this issue. Allo was amazing at trying to fix it but they really wanted Mytek to help a little but they were totally useless. That’s when I sold it as there are many dacs out there that have customer support.