Mytek DAC+ doesn´t work with external power supply anymore

i powered my DAC+ with the SOtM - sPS-500 for several month.
Two weeks ago i changed the powering. I started to use the SBooster BOTW P&P Eco MKII 12V.
Since a few days, the powering with the external psu isn´t able anymore.
I changed to KECES DC116 without any success. The reconnection with the sPS-500 also failed…
Only powering with the 220V power cable, using then the internal power section, still works.
I fear that something inside electronic of the DAC+ is broken…

As I read in several forums, the SBooster, like other psu, is recommended for the DAC+.
I compared teh technical data of the devices and i see that my SBooster and my KECES delivers 3A. The sPS-500 delivers 5A.
Maybe the powering with SBooster was too weak and damaged the electronic… I wrote to the support of mytek, but didn´t get an answer.

Do you have any experiences with the DAC+ and PSU or do you know the problem and what would you do ? I think i get better sound quality with external psu and wanted the full functionality of using external psu back.

Best regards mike

Is there a possibility that there is a fuse blown just für the external source

yes you are right. I´ve got the information from mytek, that it could be the fuse close to the DC section:
Littelfuse 0452003.NRL

After changing my DAC+ works fine.
Thanks you

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Michael, I’m about to move to an Sbooster on my Mytek DAC+ too. Until now, I’ve been using the internal PS. In fact, the Sbooster should arrive in the next day or two. Your post concerned me. Any further issues? What do you think of the Sbooster w/ the DAC+? Thanks!

High Jonathan,
sorry, but i was not able to answer. The problem of my device was a little fuse inside. Fortunately i got help from mytek in poland and changed the fuse. Afterwards i use only the sotm power supply. I don´t know wether the sbooster failed, but i don´t want any risk.
Best regards mike