Mytek Empire pre-order

Has anybody pulled the trigger and pre-ordered the Empire at 15k?! (After me there might be still 24 units left! :smiley:). Hopes? Fears?

My Hope is that someday I might have that kind of money to spend on Audio, and the Fear is that I may not in this lifetime. :laughing:


I would be very careful purchasing any product from this company . I sent a Brooklyn dac + in for warranty repair ( defective left headphone input ) on February 25 and was given an estimate of two weeks for repair. Despite follow ups STILL do not have an update of repair or return date


I’m not familiar with the Mytek brand so a quick search brought this News article up.

Could explain the comments by @Kendall_Kay.

Mytek Audio to release a slew of new products in 2021 after changing factory and discontinuing most of the older products

New York, January 15, 2021

Mytek Audio has announced a slew of new products to be launched throughout 2021 following the shifting of production to the new larger factory in Poland that took place last Summer. This change, originally prompted by a loss of confidence in previous manufacturer and EU distributor, HEM Electronics coincides with development of Mytek’s new product platform, based on Roon OS and Linux Audio. This created the strategic need to update all of the new Mytek streaming DACs to this new platform. Consequently, most of Mytek’s existing products have been discontinued and will no longer be available.

A selection of nine brand new products will be released in 2021, beginning with the Flagship $20K Empire Streamer. In addition, Mytek’s own recently established EU Branch, Mytek Europe Corporation in Warsaw, Poland has become the European Distributor for Mytek Products, effective since November 1, 2020. HEM Electronics is no longer representing Mytek, nor are they involved in any way with Mytek business.

The new factory will manufacture all new models with exception of the Empire Streamer, which is currently being assembled at Mytek’s Brooklyn, New York facility.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend anywhere near that to comfortably reach audio nirvana.


There is discussion on here about this in other Mytek threads. It’s a bit of a nuisance for some of us

I agree entirely. My experiences with Mytek service have been extremely disappointing. I was a big fan a few years ago, but I would never buy anything from Mytek again.