Mytek - formal upgrade path to Brooklyn Bridge II

Hello Brooklyn Bridge owners:

Mytek has just announced the formal upgrade path to Brooklyn Bridge II, I hope this is welcome news, Regards, MJ:


Does this apply to all BB owners (as stipulated above) regardless of Firmware status? Are those among us with Firmware 1.51 eligible?

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Just downgrade. Throw 1.44 at the dac from your PC. I don’t know why anyone hasn’t. What’s the big deal? It isn’t. But someone is making it one.

Yes, probably. What matters is when you bought it and from whom. If it’s bought before Jan 2021 you are eligible. If it was bought it from HEM or their (EU dealers - not the US dealers) after Jan 2021 I’d suggest you return it for refund and get a legitimate product from Mytek.

If that’s ok, I would encourage all future customer specific questions to be asked directly through website and we will take care of you. Roon forum is for Roon , not Mytek issues, it’s also difficult for us to monitor threads here. Or you can also subscribe to Mytek facebook group: Facebook Groups

Best Regards, MJ at Mytek

Will there be a similar upgrade program for Manhattan II owners to Manhattan Bridge?

Apologies for asking here but there seems to be no way of contacting Mytek directly except through technical support or Facebook (which I don’t use).

Answered here by Mytek.

Excellent - thank you