Mytek Liberty and ultraRendu

I just want to thank @agillis for his time fixing the issue with the Liberty Dac and native DSD playback via the ultraRendu. For those who have this dac or are considering it, it will now playback native DSD256 and it sounds absolutely wonderful. Andrew took the time to remote my computer during playback and figured out what the problem was. I also have the SonicTransporter i7 and could not be happier. Thanks again Andrew :wink:



Thanks Robin. I wanted to point out the we are probable the first network player to support the Mytek Liberty at DSD256.

Normally DSD256 is only available on Windows with proprietary drivers and is not available on MAC at all.

The Liberty is the first Mytek DAC I know of that is under $1000 but still has all the features like DSD256 and MQA. Could be a real great price / performance solution.