Mytek Liberty II DAC - new

Today I received a new Mytek Liberty II DAC from the distributor. The transport is Lumin U1 mini via USB. The manual states that the Liberty II supports USB HID volume control. Tried setting the Roon volume control for Mytek but the council to no avail.
Maybe one of my dear colleagues has a solution to this problem.

Have a look here:

Check that volume is set to “use device controls”.

Lumin supports Leedh Processing Volume instead of USB HID volume control.

I cannot use the Lumin volume control as I have other sources too. Suitable for adjustment is the Liberty II as a preamplifier.

Thank you for the link. I know these settings and have no problem with them. Probably the problem lies in the lack of the Liberty II transducer in the Roon base, and this is a new device, so understandable.

According to reviews, you should have a physical remote to control the DAC volume. If you’re going to use the DAC for other sources, it does not make sense to use Roon to control volume for the other sources anyway.


I agree with you. However, when Roon works, Mytek writes that there is a possibility.

Is there a firmware update for the liberty you need to install?

The firmware was installed with the latest v1.2.6. The responsiveness to the remote has improved, but I do not see the volume control in Roon.

After auditions and comparing to the currently working RS2 Digital Pro-Ject, unfortunately the Liberty II will not be included in my set.

If your DAC really supports USB HID volume, you can try to connect it directly to the Roon Core via USB.

However, I cannot find references to this support, other than USB HID IR, which I believe to be a completely different thing. The only past comment is this, but it of course refers to an earlier hardware version:

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