NAA 4 support for inputs?


I was wondering what was meant by “support for inputs” in relation to NAA 4. Does this mean that an NAA device can receive input from non HQ Player sources ? Can it receive input from Roon directly ?

It is same feature as HQPlayer 4 already had before with local devices. That you can use audio inputs, such as ADC, S/PDIF, AES/EBU or some other OS’ audio input device as playback source for HQPlayer. Now it is just extended to work for network endpoints too.

So now you could have for example NAA with RME ADI-2 Pro for both analog and digital inputs. Instead of having to connect the ADI-2 Pro directly to the HQPlayer computer.

NAA could also reside in some other device that has I2S interfacing to something.

So now HQPlayer can be a completely network connected server that acts like a fancy “upsampler device”. (compare to something like dCS or Esoteric upsamplers)