NAA and wireless network

Somewhere I read someone is using wifi to feed the NAA.
Is there some sort of restriction or limitations in wifi vs cable network? I implemented it this weekend, the 5Ghz version. I don’'t hear any flaws to be honest.

Not really. The difference is that wifi is more sensitive to other network traffic than wired, also depending on number of nearby other networks. Some access points also have some “features” that may cause compatibility problems.

But as long as it works and you don’t get drop-outs, you are fine and it doesn’t make much difference. At least it gives you complete galvanic isolation like optical fiber, but may add some potential RFI/EMI of it’s own. But this depends on how things are set up. 5 GHz is pretty safe in a way that doesn’t go through much of anything.

I have a little trouble at times when the network gets overburdened with traffic, but that applies with MoCA (ethernet over coaxial cable), ethernet over power, and EERO mesh wi-fi. When too much traffic is on my network, especially at the higher sampling rates, dropouts become more frequent. HQPlayer NAA upsampling PCM at 24/96K drops out more than 16/44K1 regardless of transmission method. YMMV.

Jussi, thank you for your answer. Good to hear there aren’t ‘hidden’ restrictions. For now it works very well, no dropouts. I will be aware of RFI/EMI problems, but I think I didn’t hear any untill now. At least all this saves me an ugly cable through my room.