NAA USB to UTP; Linn DS?

Would it possible the have UTP in and USB convert to UTP out. So lets say that the output goes to a Linn DS streamer ?

I’m afraid I didn’t understand this Michael. Are you suggesting a workaround for the Raspberry Pi clicking problem ?

Nah iam suggesting using the raperry pi as an connector towards an Linn DS streamer.
Mac mini=>BeagleBone black=>usb to UTP dongle=>Linn DS streamer
Linn DS only accept UTP so i was wondering if this could work ?

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I have no experience of Linn DS streamers or UTP. Let’s make this a separate thread so anyone with more experience can see it and contribute.

As I understand it the best solution would be for Linn to implement an NAA in the DS streamer. Since that is unlikely you are looking for a way to get USB audio from an NAA into a Linn DS via the Ethernet port on the DS. It may be that the Linn forums have information about that.

I believe the Linn DS is a UPnP/OpenHome renderer. UPnP renderers use different paradigm and are actually a player, not just audio endpoint. HQPlayer Embedded can be configured as a UPnP renderer doing similar functionality as the Linn DS.

Since the Linn DS is a self contained player with external Control Point, there’s not really point in putting any other player in front of it. For NAA to be useful with Linn DS, it would need to sit below the current software level closer to the hardware, inside the Linn DS.

You could ask Linn if they would be interested integrating NAA functionality. But I have my doubts. Some devices like exaSound PlayPoint and some Sonore devices have NAA co-existing with UPnP Renderer functionality as alternate way of getting audio to the device.

Thanks Jussi, For explaining that I currently have HQplayer i will pick up a DAC to work with Roon grin: