NAD/BluOS "Analog amplifier" in signal path

Hiya team Roon,

This popped up some builds ago and I don’t see why this extra “step” should show in the signal path. Why not remove it? Especially since the M10 is a hybrid digital amplifier.

BluOS are saying this is something you requested and you are saying this is something they requested :slight_smile:

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It’s always been in my signal path for my Naim Uniti Atom for 4 years. Why would you not want it, it still has an analogue amp in it regardless.

I did not have it until a few months. Left if with Roon and BluOS to sort out since they blamed each other for requesting this extra step displayed.

Why would you have it? I’d rather have a clean signal path and don’t find this necessary.

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Because it’s showing you the full signal path. If it’s a DAC or streamer it ends at the DAC stage , these are all in ones with an amplifier stage. TBH I have never give it a seconds thought as it’s always been there.

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