NAD C368 certified in-house, but?


It says on the list on Roon’s website that the NAD C368 is Roon ready and in-house tested, but.

The NAD C368 doesn’t really work as a DAC/Streamer unless paired with the MDC BlueOS 2i.

So is the MDC BlueOS 2i also ready? Or is it only the NAD C368 with a seperate DAC?

Im confused.

You need the NAD MDC BluOS 2i Module to add network streamer functionality.

What? I own the NAD C368 + MDC BlueOS 2i module - That wasn’t my question.

My question was to Roon devs if the NAD C368 + MDC BlueOS 2i combo is Roon ready, of if it’s only the NAD C368.

The NAD C368 can only be Roon Ready if it has the network streamer, i.e. BluOS module, installed. Roon Ready applies to network streamers; Roon tested applies to DACs.

But the combo also counts as a DAC?

A streamer is a network capable DAC. A standalone DAC has no Ethernet port only digital inputs, e.g. USB, S/PDIF.

Yeah. NAD’s naming ideas are confusing to us (me) new hifi enthusiasts.

" Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier" When I bought it I thought it also had a DAC (without the MDC module) :d

It does … it has S/PDIF and optical inputs plus Bluetooth aptx. To use these with Roon you’d need a separate network streamer. With the BlueOS module you can connect the C368 to your network and Roon.

Gotcha. It just doesn’t mention in the datasheet what DAC capabillities it has.

Like on most DACs it will say what res it can playback music etc.

Up to 24bit 192kHz

That’s the samplerate for the MDC module yeah? But what about the NAD C368 itself? Ive looked tons of times in the datasheet but I dont see it written anywhere.

No, the DAC is in the C368. The module provides network connectivity and BlueOS (and therefore Roon endpoint.)

Gotcha. Thanks for explaining it :d My brain is getting so much information at the moment when it comes to High-Res audio, gear, etc.

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I need to know if the MDC 2i is roon certified or not. It does not appear anywhere in the list of certified hardware on the Roon website, but I see that people are using it… Is it only people who had it before the recent change in Roon policy about uncertified equipment? I just want to be sure that if I install the card in the NAD M32 Roon will recognize it and allow me to use it as an endpoint. Thanks!

I have the 2i MDC in my C368 and Roon treats is as a Roon Certified device; no grandfathering required for my setup.

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Yes it will, it will ID it as an M12 but don’t worry about that

Not now it doesn’t - shown as C368 with a very nice little sketch of the amp…

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