NAD C368 md bluOS 2 connecti


So I’m considering getting Roon because I like the experience a lot. However I’m on a NAD c368 with a bluOS 2 model (not the 2i). Is there a way to get this Roon enabled or should I go on and upgrade to the 2i?

No need to purchase the 2i for Roon IMHO.

I have been using Roon with the C368 + MDC BluOS module + ROCK for a couple of years to my satisfaction and without noticeable restrictions.

The only thing the older module was lacking is AirPlay (for which Bluetooth can be used as a workaround, though not as straightforward) but which does not affect Roon in any way…

It should work with Roon just as well (apart from whatever other improvements they might have added to 2i). Bluesound does tend to break Roon compatibility ever so often, but when it works it should work just fine.