NAD M10 disappears from Roon when playing

A couple of times per week, my audio zone nad m10 disappears when playing tidal music via Roon. I have to do a reset of the system, only turn it off and on doesn’t work, to be able to play music again.

This is very annoying. Anybody with similar issues?

The M10 is also unavailable in the BluOS app.

It happens now three times within the hour with the same John Mayer album. Roon maybe doesn’t like this album :upside_down_face:

Probably doesn’t help but never had a problem with mine.

You use Roon on a M10?
With tidal as the source, but not via Browse —> tidal, but just via the search bar.

Is the M10 connected via WiFi?
Is your Roon Core connected via WiFi?

Roon core is connected via Utp, M10 via wifi

Because I’m used to just using Roon I guess. The suggestions and discovery is better to me. I only really use tidal to listen to new music or suggestions.

I use room too like you and for the same reason. But the source is tidal and not your own files?

No I have 4000ish albums too, mixture of recorded vinyl, CDs and Apple lossless. It’s all connected by Ethernet and home plugs.

Happens to me sometimes and all I need to do is turn my wifi extender off then back on again and the M10 reconnects.

Way too far from the router so have to rely on it connecting to the extender.