NAD M28 7 channel amplifier

I’m curious if anyone has had any issues with the NAD M28 7 channel amplifier.

Mine stopped working on Thankgiving day 2023. We had the entertainment system on most of the day then turned it off during the feast. When we turned the system back on after the meal the M28 went through the regular startup routine, checking each of the 7 channels with the indicator lights turning from red to green as normal, but the final event that switches power to the speaker channels did not occur. Nothing to indicate a problem, no noise, smoke or smell, it just didn’t engage.

The amp was purchased through our local Audio Video store. AV sent out a tech to do a checkout with the same results. They took it back to the shop and tried again before sending it to an authorized repair facility.

The repair facility worked on the unit for 3 months, replacing part after part including the power supply as directed by NAD, but they could not fix the issue. I heard they though it had been hit by lighting but that is definitely not the case as 17 witnesses here for Thanksgiving could verify.

Finally, after 3 months of trying, NAD has decided to replace the amp. It was early in the warranty period. I’m currently waiting on the new unit to be delivered.

Only reason I’m posting this is to inquire if anyone else has experienced any issues. I’ve not heard of any other problems so maybe I just got a bad unit.

Someone on here replaced several NAD AV receivers. @Simon_Arnold3 was it you? Or can you remember who?

Yes I think @Simon_Arnold3 went through 3 or 4 of them and had different issues with each of them.
In the end he got his money back

Yep had 4 of the T778’s piece of garbage. Lovely sounding but each one developed a fault. I don’t think their AVR’s are well designed for power and heat dissipation amongst other things.

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I did a lot of research on the M28 before making the purchase. Nothing but glowing reviews. No issues mentioned anywhere that I could find. Of course none of the reviews covered longevity. It worked perfectly for 12 months, minimum 6 hours daily, until it didn’t. I’m hoping the replacement will last for many years to come. Guess we will see.

Same for the T778 had glowing reviews. Only when I ventured to forums did I find out about its reliability. Reviews are done over a few weeks at best and they don’t get updated afterwards in general.

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I have not been a NAD customer thus far, but I have followed their products in multiple forums for quite some time. I have ALWAYS read great reviews of their amps. But, NOT so much about many of their processors; the processors always seem to have software/firmware issues; and it takes NAD software engineers a very long time to effect resolutions even after their retail release (or, worse yet, the issues are never resolved). I am interested in their new M66 Stereo Streaming Preamp, but, somewhat as expected, I am reading about lots of issues early adopters are finding with its firmware and operation.

However, it is very disappointing to read this about one of their amps, because I thought they were quite reliable. I, too, have read great reviews regarding this specific amp as well as many of their others. Might this be a one-off issue? But there should have been no way that it took this long for your dealer and NAD to resolve. Glad they are sending you a new amp, but for you, a very frustrating experience, I’m sure.

NADs customer service is noted for being rubbish. Luckily my dealer swapped out all mine when I had issues as all faults happened so soon after initial purchase. Longest period I had one was 8 weeks. Read lots of stories of users with issues getting NAD to sort it for them when it goes back. I would never buy another NAD product as a result of my experience but will happily use my dealer again as they where exemplary.

I’m seriously hoping this is a one-off issue. As for the length of time I’m sure the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Holidays had something to do with that. I heard that NAD is closed for some period of time at the end of the year but I’m not sure what that time frame is.

My local Audio Video dealer sent the unit to an authorized repair facility in Houston last November. They in turn had to communicate with NAD techs to determine what was needed then wait for the parts to arrive, over and over as I understand it.

This is the only 7 channel amp I’m aware of that fits my needs, size, power and low heat output for an enclosed actively cooled rack/cabinet. I treated it with kid gloves. 2 AC Infinity component coolers, one on the Denon AVR and one on the M28 plus the cabinet powered ventilation keep the house temp air moving through. The temp in the cabinet rarely exceeds 88 degrees. So not a overheating issue. Isolated 20amp power circuit with high quality power conditioner. So not a power quality issue. All the equipment in my entertainment system and Network components are on that conditioned power circuit and the M28 is the only component that has an issue. There wasn’t any lightening to cause the issue.

I’m at a loss, nothing happened here to cause the problem.

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I have a NAD M10 and C658. Zero problems of software etc over the course of 3 years. Can’t fault them.

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Sounds like you run a tight ship! Again, sorry to hear about your issues, but hopefully this new unit will last you a very long while. :crossed_fingers:

I received the NAD M28 replacement this week after 4 months.

The original one was not repairable, must have had some undetected issue from the factory, but it did work for a year before it cratered.

I’m happy NAD followed through on the warranty replacement. Nice it have it back in the system again.

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After seeing how this replacement M28 operates I’m sure the original was defective from the beginning. It would take at least 10 seconds to start up and start playing after the AVR triggered it. I recall thinking that was weird but it had been that way from the beginning and that was normal to me. The replacement is up and playing 2 seconds after the AVR triggers it. All good now.