NAD M33 Max (PCM) "only" 192khz 24bit

If i am informed well, the NAD M33 got a 32 Bit/384 kHz ESS Sabre D/A.
Locking into Roon → Settings → Audio → Device Setup the Max sample rate (PCM) is 192khz an Max bits per sample is 24bit.
I can´t set this to a higher value. Why not 384khz and 32bits?
I have not problem with that. I just want to understand it :slight_smile:
Best regards for help or explaining.

Whatever the DAC chip can do, the NAD M33 specifications state:

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So easy. Only read the specifications of the chip.
Thank you.

All NADs are limited by BluOs limitations to support and streaming regardless of what the dac chip itself is capable of. 192/24 is the max BluOS supports.

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