NAD Masters M33: first review

Many people are eagerly awaiting reviews for subject integrated amp, which features the first mass commercialization of Bruno Putzey’s Purifi amplication. In addition, the M33 has a basic (upgrade available) DiracLive room-correction function. Below is a link to a Dutch review, which requires Google Translate or some other translation service for non-Dutch speakers.

We can also expect a review in the September Stereophile and another by John Darko. Although the device has not yet been Roon certified, the Dutch reviewer indicates it works fine already with Roon. The M33 also has the BluOS system. Initial impression by the reviewer: awesome amp with 5 out of 5 stars.

HiFi.NL review


Very interested in these upcoming reviews for the M33. The amplifier section could be very awesome given the hardware. What I’m also particularly interested in is the performance/specs for its analog inputs – considering they will all be converted to digital from the get-go through the M33’s ADC (for DSP/Dirac processing if desired), then then through its DAC, and ultimately through the amp section. With all these modification stages, I’m hoping it will still perform well for its analog inputs.

PS. Reference to a review in L&B Tech: M33 Review; very favorable but not too informative as to actual performance

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…not for long.


Deadline is September 21 for M33, M10, etc. to be certified. Hurry up NAD!

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got mine coming later today. (Crutchfield had 1 in stock, and I snagged it).
Exicted to see how it sounds, and send it to amir at audiosciencereview for measurements.


Damn. The M33 is really nice. I think better than my minidsp SHD with an M22.
(but going to get a switcher box to directly compare).

Hi Ethan,

Have you done this comparison? I am considering the same thing; either get an M22 for my SHD setup or the M33 and sell the SHD :slight_smile:
Very interested to hear your results!

Edit: current setup
I currently use the Lyngdorf SDA2175 for power and B&W 802D speakers.

Curious indeed and especially how it behaves in Roon environment.

NAD made M10 Roon Ready and so far no complaints.

However I want an M33 (M10 goes to my home-office), but not as front-runner!

So if any verdict ready please let us know.

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My local dealer claims the production version of the M33 doesn’t actually work with Roon yet.

When I pointed out to him that the Stereophile review references Roon, here is what he said:

" They may have received a prototype unit with an exemption that allowed them to use Roon. All I can tell you is that when we try to enable Roon, we get a notification that it is not yet certified. Using the BlueOS app works great. "

Given I’m sure he would like to make a sale, and knows I’m looking for Roon, I don’t have any reason to disbelieve him, unless it’s some kind of weird configuration error.

But maybe he’s right and the review samples had an exemption?

These reviews happen months before their actual publication so this would have been before Roon’s recent crackdown on uncertified devices that claim to be Roon Ready. So no doubt it would have worked but there would be some issues that are preventing certification and so now Roon does not allow it to work at all until it is certified

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Confirmation on this from KR in the comments to his review.

Our inital test switching back and forth shows it is close, but we do hear an increased dynamic range in the midrange, seems more clear and crisp. We can also the enhanced dynamic in the bass Darko described.

But, that was test 1, may be biased. Going to try it again (double blind), and then ship it off to amir for measurements.


Yesterday I got the long awaited NAD m33. I am very pleased with the first auditions of various genres and sources. An attempt to connect Roon led to the appearance in the audio settings of two rectangles with “NADm33. “
In the first on the red stripe says “uncertified. in the second - “through airplay.” Connection via airplay is obtained. There is no other way. But sound quality not comparable with BluOS.
Another surprise awaited me when I connected a 4 TB external hard drive with my music collection to NAD33. BluOS more then 30 min. was running to index files and then played them perfectly, but after activation standby mode
on subsequent return to collection , BluOS repeats this process and you have to wait more then 30 min. again. And again…
Can someone know what to do with it.

Perhaps try turning ‘LAN/BluOS Standby’ to on in the player settings?

I’ve got a new M33 here as well - no certification with ROON yet. :frowning:

Hopefully NAD fixes this issue ASAP!

I too am an NAD dealer and have received my M33. It is truly magnificent. Roon only works as an Airplay device. I spoke to NAD and they plan on sending a unit to Roon for certification. There is just such high demand and tight supply, they would prefer to get the units to clients first. I think this will be resolved as soon as they can catch up to demand. BluOS works great - obviously no match for the Roon experience, but I am sure it will be worth the wait for Roon certification.

Re: tight supply

I’m won’t be buying one until it works properly with Roon.

So they might as well take the unit they would have sold to me and send it to Roon for testing.


Wow, that’s some Roon dedication! I can’t speak for NAD, but I hope they are reading about how important Roon is to music/audiophile enthusiasts!

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Is there any date, when NAD M33 will be certified?

Yeah, Roon dedication probably comes with the lifetime membership purchase. :wink:

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